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Italian Leather Bags

The beauty and elegance of handcrafted Italian leather handbags speak of tradition, quality and luxury. The heady fragrance of our Italian tanned leather is simply one of the many signature characteristics of a handmade bag from the Pierotucci Leather Workshop in Florence, Italy.  Quality leather, innovative designs and the option to customized our leather handbags to fit your needs make Pierotucci the number one choice onine in Italy for handbags, bags and purses of all kinds for both Men and Women. Browse one of the largest collection of Made in Florence leather bags online at Pierotucci.

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Italian Leather Man Bag from Toscanella
Leather Man Bag
453,00 €
Mini Leather Crossbody Bag Made in Italy
207,00 €
Women's Leather Tote Bag from Toscanella
200,00 €
Canvas Handle All Purpose Tote
214,00 €
Italian Leather Tote Bag | Toscanella
205,00 €
Men's Italian Leather Messenger Bag
374,00 €
Large Leather Messenger Bag
360,00 €
Genuine Leather Hand Luggage
Hand Luggage
615,00 €
Travel Accessories with shoulder strap
125,00 €
Large Italian Leather Briefcase, shoulder strap
640,00 €
Large Italian Leather Messenger Bag for Men
277,00 €
Leather Doctor's Bag with metal frame
396,00 €
Large Leather Business Tote Bag
596,00 €
Genuine Italian Leather Briefcase Bags
490,00 €
Genuine Leather Travel Bags
515,00 €
Slim Leather Tote Bag for Men
343,00 €
Briefcase in Italian leather with shoulder strap
594,00 €
Large Leather Saddlebag from Tucci
594,00 €
Italian Leather Man Bag, canvas strap
198,00 €
Women's Leather Purse from Toscanella
116,00 €
Slim Leather Briefcase from Toscanella
Slim Briefcase
493,00 €
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