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Italian Leather Travel Bags

Overnight bags and hand luggage crafted from fine Italian leather make quite the statement while travelling - not only do they express your personality, your appreciation for fine things but they are a practical and efficient way to organize your carry-on luggage while in travel.  Travel with flair, travel with style and travel with a sturdy travel bag made to withstand changing flights, trains and cabs.  Our expert craftsmen and women inspect each piece before handing over, looking for the small details that will transform this bag into a timeless piece of art designed to last and last.

Briefcase in Distressed Leather
414,50 €
Large Duffle Bag in Leather
586,00 €
Travel Clutch Wallet in Leather Available in Various Colours
129,00 €
Small Italian leather Organizer
39,00 €
Small Pouch in Leather, Many Colors
50,00 €
Travel Organiser in Leather
52,00 €
Italian Leather Duffle Bags
522,00 €
Italian Leather Duffle Bag | Toscanella
572,00 €
Italian Leather Boston Bag | Toscanella
392,00 €
Leather Doctor's Bag with metal frame
396,00 €
Leather Doctor’s Bag with shoulder strap
480,00 €
Designer All Leather Doctor's Bag
615,00 €
Genuine Leather Travel Bags
515,00 €
Genuine Leather Hand Luggage
Hand Luggage
615,00 €
480,00 €
Large Leather Business Tote Bag
596,00 €
Italian Leather Travel Bag | Toscanella
537,00 €
Boskar Leather Travel Bag
1.495,00 €
Boskar Leather Travel Bag
1.495,00 €
Designer Gym Bag with Leather Accents
436,00 €
Soft Sided Doctor's Bag
515,00 €
Large Duffle Bag for Men with lock
383,00 €
Boston Styled Men's Travel Bag
383,00 €
Soft Grain Leather Toiletry Bag
175,00 €
Maddok Leather Travel Case
395,00 €
Italian Leather Travel Clutch | Toscanella
106,00 €