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Genuine Italian Leather Bags, Jackets & Accessories

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Italian Styled Clothing, Jackets, Sweaters and Shoes

Customized Italian Leather Jackets for men and for women is as easy as 1, 2, 3 at Pierotucci. Measure, Buy and Strut your stuff! Enough of making do with the pre-made sizes! Pierotucci is revolutionizing customized Italian leather jackets for men and for women. Select the model that catches your attention and provide us with your body measurements. We will create an Italian leather jacket, skirt, vest or pair of pants that will be your fit.  The deluxe collection of quality cashmere clothing, form fitting jackets, skirts and pants and comfortable ballet shoes are exactly what makes the Pierotucci Italian Clothing Collection stand out.  Browse our extended line of Florence styles and Italian designers or contact our customer service office for more information.

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Italian Leather Coat for Women in classic black
460,00 345,00 €
Blue Italian Leather Bomber Jacket
385,00 €
Men's Suede Leather Jacket, beige
275,00 206,25 €
Men's Suede Jacket, brown
275,00 206,25 €
Quilted Leather Jacket for Women in bordeaux
615,00 461,25 €
Black Italian Leather Jacket for Women
599,00 449,25 €
Brown Italian Leather Double Collar Coat for Men
575,00 €
Long Leather Skirt in Nappa Lambskin
160,00 €
Ladies Suede Jacket from Florence
435,00 326,25 €
Shearling Leather Coat for Men with front buttons
1.660,00 1.245,00 €
Women's Cropped Italian Leather Jacket
385,00 €
Cropped Brown Leather Jacket for Women
385,00 €
Warm Shearling Leather Jacket for Women
875,00 656,25 €
Women's Blue Italian Leather Coat
435,00 326,25 €
Women's Mink Fur Collar Coat in brown
1.399,00 1.049,25 €
Mink Fur Collar Coat Made in Italy
1.339,00 1.004,25 €
Men's Hooded Italian Leather Jacket
410,00 307,50 €
Long Leather Coat for Men with front pockets
585,00 438,75 €
Customized Italian Leather Jacket
599,00 449,25 €
Cashmere Lined Leather Jacket for Men
1.100,00 825,00 €
Leather Biker Jacket with removable fur collar
860,00 645,00 €
Porselli Metallic Silver Leather Ballet Flats
154,00 €
Porselli Metallic Gold Leather Ballet Flats
154,00 €
Porselli Leopard Suede Leather Ballet Flats
158,00 €
Porselli Cherry Red Leather Ballet Flats
140,00 €
Porselli Forest Green Leather Ballet Flats
140,00 €
Porselli Metallic Bronze Leather Ballet Flats
154,00 €
Porselli Black Leather Ballet Flats
154,00 €
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  • 04-12-2014 Leah

    Thank you for my beautiful, beautiful bag! I love it!

  • 23-10-2014 martinus

    Thank you for all the time you took to help me, I will keep your website in my archive, perfect in Italian style jackets. You've got my compliments.

  • 06-10-2014 Patricia

    Your product was outstanding and delivery was on time and excellent service.

  • 08-07-2014 Raymond

    I've never ordered anything directly from Europe...and appreciate your detailed information explaining it.

  • 08-03-2014 Stanley

    I am very happy with the fit,style,and the distinct quality and softness of the leather ... I plan to order again soon, and will definitely refer my friends.

  • 08-01-2014 James

    Good quality, friendly service.

  • 08-08-2013 Gillian

    I am SO pleased with the wallet, especially the speed of its delivery and the detail of information which was available throughout the process. It is absolutely beautiful