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Italian Gold and Florentine Style Jewelry

18K Italian yellow, white and rose colored gold jewelry is crafted by skilled men and women using age old traditions to create necklaces, pendants and earrings of quality.  Browsing through the Pierotucci Collection of Italian Gold Jewelry is reminiscent of a stroll on Ponte Vecchio where the artisans forged their unique creations in pure 18k Italian gold, using methods that were made famous thousands of years ago by the Etruscans and Romans.  These delicate creations are sure to delight with the diamond cut precision and the Buccellati decoration gold jewelry.

Large Diamond Cut Gold Charm
515,00 €
Small 18K White Gold Charm
420,00 €
Sweetheart Large Gold Charm
480,00 €
Exquisite Diamond Cut Heart Pendant
430,00 €
As a result of handmade production each piece may have up to 5% variation in weight from the indicated value.  Weight: 2,7 gr.
395,00 €
Petite Gold Florentine Charm
170,00 €
Florentine Brooch, in Italian Gold
378,00 €
18k Italian Gold Earrings with Diamond
690,00 €
18K White Gold Necklace for Her
1.685,00 €
Tri Gold Necklace for Woman
835,00 €
Italian Gold Jewelry for Her
745,00 €
Thin Gold Ring Made in Florence
259,00 €
18K Gold Wedding Ring
435,00 €
Elegant 18k Gold Fashion Rings
418,00 €
Unique White Gold Wedding Band
White Gold Band
347,00 €
Genuine Italian Gold Rings
610,00 €
Delicate & Elegant 18K Pink Gold Ring
Pink Gold Ring
572,00 €
Ivy Leaves in Pink Gold Earrings
299,00 €