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Genuine Italian Leather Bags, Jackets & Accessories

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The soft supple touch of genuine Italian leather accessories is the language of elegance and sophistication. Pierotucci handcrafted leather wallets for men and women come in an array of models ranging from billfolds for men to zip around clutch organizers for women. It is the detail to these Italian leather wallets and billfolds that sets Pierotucci above the others. Florence is famous for its high quality leather gloves, available in the softest of lambskin leather and designed to grace the hand that wears it.

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Classic Italian Leather Belts, ladies & mens
69,00 €
Leather Belts are Hand Made  in Florence Italy
48,00 €
Leather Belts Made in Florence Italy by Pierotucci
39,00 €
Men's Leather Dress Belt with Italian Made Buckle
48,00 €
Italian Leather Belts for Men for Sale at Pierotucci
48,00 €
Leather Belts are Ideal Gift Ideas for Men by Pierotucci
48,00 €
Brown Leather Gloves for Women
48,00 €
Ladies Leather Gloves from Italy
40,00 €
Ladies Brown Leather Gloves
83,00 €
Women's Gloves Made in Italy
65,00 €
Turquoise Designer Leather Wallet, MANGROVIA
118,00 €
Women's Long Leather Gloves in Dark Brown
75,00 €
Tua Spritz Wallet from Braccialini
80,00 €
Ladies Leather Wallets, SAVANA Blue
109,00 €
Braccialini Leather Wallets in turquoise
120,00 €
Designer Leather Gloves for Men
87,00 €
Wool Lined Gloves in Leather
85,00 €
Women's Best Leather Gloves
49,00 €
Women's Designer Belts in black & brown
96,00 €
Ladies Wide Leather Belts in pink
96,00 €
Wide Leather Belts in dark blue
96,00 €
Italian Leather Belts, color cuoio
96,00 €
Designer Belt Buckles from Florence
96,00 €
Beautiful Handmade Jewelry Box
84,00 €
Handmade All Leather Box
77,00 €
Deluxe Round Leather Box
64,00 €
Genuine Leather Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
61,00 €
Slim Eye Glass Case Handcrafted in Italian Leather
37,00 €
57,00 €
Pierotucci Interlocking Card Holder
48,00 €
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  • 23-10-2014 martinus

    Thank you for all the time you took to help me, I will keep your website in my archive, perfect in Italian style jackets. You've got my compliments.

  • 06-10-2014 Patricia

    Your product was outstanding and delivery was on time and excellent service.

  • 08-07-2014 Raymond

    I've never ordered anything directly from Europe...and appreciate your detailed information explaining it.

  • 08-03-2014 Stanley

    I am very happy with the fit,style,and the distinct quality and softness of the leather ... I plan to order again soon, and will definitely refer my friends.

  • 08-01-2014 James

    Good quality, friendly service.

  • 08-08-2013 Gillian

    I am SO pleased with the wallet, especially the speed of its delivery and the detail of information which was available throughout the process. It is absolutely beautiful