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Italian Leather Accessories

The soft supple touch of genuine Italian leather accessories is the language of elegance and sophistication.  Accessories are what Italian fashion is all about, taking everyday items like wallets, belts and gloves and turning them into fashion statement.  Pierotucci handcrafted leather wallets for men and women come in an array of models ranging from billfolds for men to zip around clutch organizers for women. It is the detail to these Italian leather wallets and billfolds that sets Pierotucci above the others. Florence is famous for its high quality leather gloves, available in the softest of lambskin leather and designed to grace the hand that wears it.

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Cuoiofficine Wallet Zip Around for Women in Marbled Leather
193,00 €
Wallet for Men with Coin Case, Lavata Leather
124,00 €
Zip Around Washed Leather Wallet by Campomaggi
182,00 €
Multi Purpose Wallet In Leather
176,00 €
Toscanella - Wallet Long with Strap Unisex in Leather
130,00 €
Small Wallet in Italian Leather, many colors
137,00 €
Coin Case In Leather From Florence, Tuscany
66,00 €
Coin Wallet in Leather
71,00 €
Credit Card Holder in Leather, many colors available
60,00 €
Kiss Lock Coin Case in Leather, Hand Made in Florence
53,00 €
Wallet in Leather with ID Window many colors available
87,00 €
Compact Wallet in Leather, Chose Your Color!
182,00 €
High Quality Clutch Wallet in Leather
224,00 €
Wallet in Leather with ID Window many colors available
118,00 €
Zip Around Wallet in Leather
174,00 €
Cuoiofficine Card Holder Unisex in Marbled Leather
50,00 €
Cuoiofficine Key Holder Unisex in Marbled Leather
60,00 €
Cuoiofficine Wallet Long Unisex in Marbled Leather
166,00 €
Cuoiofficine Wallet for Men in Marbled Leather
136,00 €
Clutch Leather - CP0179 VL
145,00 €
Campomaggi Clutch Wallet - CP0180 VL
206,00 €
Campomaggi Wallet - CP0192 VL
136,00 €
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