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Italian Mosaic Art and Selected Art Items

Forever synonymous with incredibly talented artists since the beginning of time, Italy is the mecca of unique artistic mosaic masterpieces. The Pierotucci Collection of Italian Mosaic Art includes the renowned artists and from the Traversari Florence Workshop located in the heart of the historic center and the Marco Aurelio Workshop in Rome, where they have been creating micro mosaics, stone mosaics and glass tile mosaics for several years following in the footsteps of their forefathers. The tradition of working small pieces of glass and stone into a mosaic design as been part of the Florence and Rome artistic scene for centuries.  Take this opportunity to take home a special piece of Italy by browsing through the collection of classic images, modern art, special commissioned artwork and free hand innovations in stone mosaics, glass mosaics or the famous micromosaics.

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Stone Mosaic Cathedral of Florence
660,00 €
Delicate Songbird Stone Mosaic from Florence
Songbird Mosaic
465,00 €
A Delightful Scene with the Florence Duomo & Cypress Tree
Florence Duomo
9.150,00 €
Elegant and Immortal, Small Enamel Glass Mosaic
1.375,00 €
Rome At Night in a Mosaic
Rome Landscape
1.650,00 €
Cute and Cuddly, Made in Italy Micromosaic
3.050,00 €
Made in Italy, a classic Venice scene
2.900,00 €
Picturesque Stone Mosaic of Italian Lake
View on a Lake
9.150,00 €
Delicate and Pink Stone Mosaic
995,00 €
San Pietro Con Ponte Stone Mosaic
990,00 €
Classical Religious Icon with gold accents
2.150,00 €
Elegance & Beauty by Michelangelo, a glass mosaic
1.375,00 €
Arco di Tito, an ancient Roman monument
1.650,00 €
St. Peters & an Italian  Micromosaic
2.550,00 €
Florence Handcrafts & the typical Italian cantina
7.800,00 €
The Archway, a glass mosaic Tuscan Landscape
725,00 €
Mysterious Room with a View in Florence
12.750,00 €
Sweet Floating Butterfly Mosaic
995,00 €
Paesaggio con Lago, hard stone mosaic
990,00 €
Gentle and Peaceful, The Madonna del Ferruzzi
2.175,00 €
Detail from Michelangelo in a glass Mosaic
1.890,00 €
Beautiful Recreation of Michelangelo's Masterpiece
1.925,00 €
Micro Mosaic Made in Italy:  St. Peters Church
927,00 €
Micromosaic,, Handcrafted Modern Italian Art
1.250,00 €
Modern Italian Art, a recreation of Michelangelo
2.100,00 €
Florence Stone Mosaic of Duomo
660,00 €
Sailboats in Tuscany, an Italian origianl artwork
635,00 €
Pappagallo (Parrot) Florentine Mosaic
1.855,00 €
Elegant and Immortal, Enamel Glass Mosaic
1.950,00 €
Interpretation of Primavera by Botticelli, small glass mosaic
1.450,00 €
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