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Genuine Italian Leather Bags, Jackets & Accessories

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Necklace for men, style BOND
Chain Necklace
97,00 €
Nomination Bracelet, style DYNAMIC
117,00 €
Nomination Bracelet for Men, PORTOFINO
Cable Bracelet
70,00 €
Men's Bracelet, Style TRENDETTER
70,00 €
Bracelet, PORTOFINO in black stainless steel
79,00 €
Black Leather Bracelet from Nomination
61,00 €
Nomination Cufflinks, CLASS in Stainless Steel
Black Cufflinks
95,00 €
Brown Leather Bracelet from Nomination
61,00 €
Nomination for Men, style CLASS
77,00 €
Thick Leather Bracelet from Nomination
82,00 €
Nomination bracelet, style FREEDOM
Razor Bracelet
68,00 €
Stylized Leather Bracelet from Nomination
82,00 €
Nomination necklace, style FREEDOM & handcuffs
58,00 €
Stylized Stainless Steel Necklace from Nomination
61,00 €
Nomination necklace, style FREEDOM for men
Razor Necklace
58,00 €
Thick Brown Leather Bracelet from Nomination
82,00 €
Nomination Cuff Links with Swarovski
96,00 €
Nomination for Men, style CLASS
75,00 €
Nomination for Men, style BOND
81,00 €
Nomination necklace, style BOND for men
108,00 €
Stainless Steel and Gold Plated Necklace
104,00 €
STYLE Nomination Diamond Necklace
104,00 €
Nomination Cufflinks, CLASS in Stainless Steel
122,00 €
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Marco Aurelio
Commissioned Portrait
1.440,00 €
Lined Tote Bags
235,00 €
Bi-Fold Clutch
145,00 €
  • 16-04-2015 Alan

    I received my white leather jacket today and it is beautiful and it fits perfectly! Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you and your company.

  • 14-04-2015 Cliff

    The jacket arrived this morning....excellent service. Many thanks for your help and advice. I'm sure we will be doing business in the future.

  • 09-04-2015 Jane

    Thank you both for the speedy shipping and the beautifully made bag - it is just as pictured on your website. Grazie Mille!

  • 07-04-2015 Jacqueline

    Just a note of thanks! A really great shopping experience. Thank you again.

  • 05-04-2015 Jonathan

    THANKS!!! You do know your products and you made excellent judgement call on sizing with my jacket.

  • 06-10-2014 Patricia

    Your product was outstanding and delivery was on time and excellent service.

  • 08-07-2014 Raymond

    I've never ordered anything directly from Europe...and appreciate your detailed information explaining it.

  • 08-03-2014 Stanley

    I am very happy with the fit,style,and the distinct quality and softness of the leather ... I plan to order again soon, and will definitely refer my friends.

  • 08-01-2014 James

    Good quality, friendly service.

  • 08-08-2013 Gillian

    I am SO pleased with the wallet, especially the speed of its delivery and the detail of information which was available throughout the process. It is absolutely beautiful