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Genuine Italian Leather Bags, Jackets & Accessories

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fortunata bag made of quality selected pieces of leather
Pierotucci selection of Italian Artisans

A selection of quality products made by artisans in Italy – highlighting the innovative flair which Italians are well known for on the international market.

Pierotucci,  a name renowned for it meticulous attention to details, have joined together with a few select Italian artisans.  These select partners have several elements in common with Pierotucci, producing leather handbags and more for over 40 years:

  •       Handmade in Italy
  •       Quality products
  •       Innovative design
  •       Representative of a tradition

Pierotucci invites you to tour Italy by browsing these excellent artists and their products.  Rest assured that they offer the same quality that  you are used to with Pierotucci.


Soft and comfortable, Made in Italy Porselli are an example of perfection in the dance world. Recognized on an international level Porselli has a long and active history of making ballet flats

SHOP Porselli handmade leather ballet flats

An age old tradition which still shines with beauty in in today's art world, Traversari recreates memorable landscapes, religious icons as well as copies of famous artwork and authentic originals.  Using marble and glass, they expertly cut and assemble quality mosaic art

SHOP Traversari handcrafted stone & glass mosaics


Cuoiofficine Superb Limited Edition numbered handcrafted products made in Italy from a vegetable tanned leather using a unique dyeing process. No two pieces are the same which makes these spectacular accessories something to be treasured. 

SHOP CuoiOfficine handcrafted stone & glass mosaics

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