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18K Gold Brooch and Pendant, style Giglio small


Small sized 18k engraved gold Giglio pendant and brooch
A timeless design, steeped in tradition, the "giglio" is the ultimate symbol of Florence. Giglio is the Italian word for lily flower and everywhere you go in Florence you see it emblazoned on walls of buildings, walkways and monuments. Dating back more than 1000 years, it has become one of our most popular designs. Hand carved in 18 carat gold, it has been cleverly designed to be worn either as a brooch or a pendant. You can choose one of the three wonderful colours of gold:- classic yellow, stunning white, or the increasingly popular rose gold. A little extra copper is added to the melted pot of gold and it creates a wonderful pink tone that is sensational. This miniature masterpiece is the ultimate in taste and style.


As a result of handmade production each piece may have up to 5% variation in weight from the indicated value.

Weight: 3,2 gr.


Brand: Pierotucci
Material: 18k gold [ Description ]
Size cm: W 2,10 x H 2,70
Size inch: W 0,80 x H 1,10
Item 719 - Cod SP01-00-RB_05

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