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Italian Craftsmanship: The Dying Art of Italian Woven Leather Bags

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Many of you bag lovers are probably fairly familiar with Bottega Veneta, and if not, they are the leading premier designer label that produces soft woven leather bags. Cosci, a lesser known company, started creating the signature leather weave bags before Bottega Veneta became a premier name in fashion.

Many Cosci bags have the same style of woven leather, and apart from in vogue designing, the art of weaving soft leather strips into magnificent bags is relatively the same. Cosci designs are nothing if not a testament to classic lines of timeless handbags. I think Hermes, leader in luxury handbags, would agree that nothing is more important than a clean line and good structure. Cosci has combined these basic fashion principles with Nappa lambskin leather woven by the dwindling number of leather artisans whom have kept their familyís pride and secrets for generations.

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Cosci Flap Over Shoulder Bag, style leather basket weave

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Recently, the Cosci label and factory have been acquired by the Gucci Group, the fashion subsidiary company who also owns Bottega Veneta, and no longer produces high quality bags under the Cosci label. Fortunately for woven leather handbag lovers, Pierotucci was given exclusive rights to the remaining stock of the factory. We are the only authorized retailer of Cosci bags, and are excited to debut Cosciís Italian leather basket line!

Italian Designer Leather Bag by Cosci, classic tote style

Cosciís leather basket line is innovative, and utilizes many techniques of basket weaving that are not present in previous designs. The Vacchetta calfskin used is a stiffer leather, which makes the new line not only more durable, but also lends to the actual feel of straw baskets. The line comes in a variety of different designs and shapes, as well as colors. The strap drop for the majority of the bags is approx. 22.4 inches, so if you do not like your bag tucked tight under your arm, these bags will give you the space and freedom you want. They are also perfect for using as a cross body bag!

Cosci Quilted Leather Handbags

The Tucci family has established a name synonymous with quality by using artisan skills to design and produce fine Italian leather goods.

The vintage lining used in the Italian woven leather basket line also adds the quintessential finish to Italian craftsmanship. Combine classic clean lines, high quality leather, Italian artisan production, and vintage lining, and you get a timeless bag sure to be treasured and used for a lifetime!

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