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Leather Classic Handbags

Shop for a classic, quality Italian leather bag!

Premium leather bags by Piero Tucci: fine leather hand bags, shoulder bags, and much more

Piero Tucci designs and creates handmade leather bags in quality Italian top calf leather and top quality leather of many types. Piero Tucci has over 30 years of experience in the leather goods market with a team of professional and qualified craftsmen to ensure high quality handmade Italian leather goods.

Our Classic Collection, produced for over 30 years, is our bestselling line on

Producing these type of purses presentes lots of challenges, both in obtaining the right type of materials that need to be of high quality as well as in the knowledgable manual work required for the creation of the purses. Many stiches in these purses need to be hand-sewn, both inside and outside and the creation of each single piece requires many hours of labor from the highest skilled Florentine craftsmen.

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The purses that make up this collection serve a wide variery of uses, going from the most classic to more casual yet elegant models as well as sober and contemporary styles to younger, sporty styles. All of these are hand bags and also have an attachable shoulder strap.

Our most popular bags are the larger models, from 40 to 45 cm, often used as travel bags by both women and men.

Perfect as gifts, a special touch can be added by personalizing the purse!

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