Ladies pure 100% cashmere sweater with ribbed collar,cuffs and hem.


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Ladies cashmere round necked sweater


There is nothing quite like the luxurious feel of the softest cashmere imaginable. This classically designed Italian cashmere sweater will never go out of fashion and will team up perfectly with a smart skirt or casual pants. The simple round neck has a narrow ribbed edge, as does the hem and sleeves. It lends elegance and style to a superbly crafted design. The lightness of this precious cashmere sweater might make you think itís not warm enough, but in fact itís just the opposite. It means that there is no need for bulky layering to keep warm as just wearing this one extraordinary cashmere sweater will keep you ultra cozy on those cold winter days.


100% pure Italian cashmere 2/28000


Brand: Tasselli
Material: Cashmere [ Description ]
Item 2136 - Cod DR707-CH

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