Florentine Mosaic Miniature Flowers in stone


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Florentine Mosaic Miniature Flowers in stone


Hand crafted Florentine mosaic miniature portrait
To brighten up a little corner, this miniature mosaic portrait will be just perfect. A blaze of colour in the shape of a pretty bouquet of flowers using semi-precious stones carefully selected for their beauty. The tigerís eye occupies the prime position at the centre of the flower arrangement and this creates a dramatic contrast with the Belgian black marble background. The wooden frame is coated with gold tones and the overall effect is stunning.


Wood framed with gold-tone coating for lifetime resistance.
Certificate of Authenticity


Brand: Pierotucci
Material: Semi-precious stones (pietra dura) [ Description ]
Size cm: W 3 x H 4
Size inch: W 1,20 x H 1,60
Item 2077 - Cod Q3x4-02_06A

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