Leather Wall Art Sculpture Horse Handmade

Marco Giusti

Leather Artwork Picture Friesian Horse

Marco Giusti GM-QUA03


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This work was created by master craftsman, Marco Giusti. Thanks to his advanced knowledge in shaping leather, he gives us this impressive leather wall art sculpture which has as its subject, Friesian Horse - a graceful and lively horse breed originating in the Netherlands. Reminiscent of Renaissance relief sculpture, the form of the body and the mane of this horse project slightly from the background surface. An eye catching image, the artist has captured this Friesian horse in a lively gallop, nearing jumping out of the picture, without the use of molds or shapes.

The wood frame covered in leather is done with leather molding, also called wet forming process, a procedure in which the leather is soaked to make it pliable and easy to shape and thus, mold into a variety of forms. The sculpture has been made only by hand, molded with a gouge and a cobbler's knife on natural leather of 3 mm thickness. It took 22 months to complete this leather artwork. The landscape background of the picture is painted in oil on wood. Signed and dated by artist.

The Florentine artisan, Marco Giusti, has exhibited his works in numerous art galleries in Milan and Florence, among which Palazzo Corsini and the Stazione Leopolda are to mention, and still represents excellence in the field of leather sculpture.

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Width 140 cm
Height 180 cm
Depth 0 cm


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