Leather Molded Art Vase Made by Hand in Tuscany - Marco Giusti

Marco Giusti

Italian Handcrafted Artwork Vase in Leather

Marco Giusti GM-VASO04


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This leather artwork Vase, designed and handmade by the Florentine artist, Marco Giusti, is one of the unique works of art in the Pierotucci collection of leather vases. Refined and sensual lines in the vase collection are created using a special leather molding technique.

The process used to achieve the form of a vase from a piece of leather is leather molding, or wet forming leather. To produce this unique design, the artist performs a particular procedure by soaking the leather which makes it pliable and easy to shape and thus, mold in to a variety of forms.

The leather vase is artistic leather working creativity at its finest. This vase has 6 sides and is made of 4 mm thick espresso brown smooth leather accented with leather stitching and wavy colored strips of painted leather that adorn the sides and base. It is supported by a wooden base, also covered in leather. Each vase is individually worked by hand and signed, without using templates or drawings, thus assuring that the piece you own is an exclusive work of art.

The Florentine artisan, Marco Giusti, has exhibited his works in numerous art galleries in Milan and Florence, among which Palazzo Corsini and the Stazione Leopolda are to mention, and still represents excellence in the field of leather sculpture.

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