Leather Desk Organizer Nubuck Lined Handcrafted in Tuscany - Marco Giusti

Marco Giusti

Workspace Organizer in Crocodile Leather

Marco Giusti GM-9202

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The Crocodile leather desk organizer from the new Leather Desk Accessories Collection is a handmade product created by the experienced knowledge of the Florentine artisan, Marco Giusti. It is a fine piece of leather artwork lined in soft Nubuck with simple, clean and refined stitching along every seam, inside and out. This fine leather art piece will make a statement for any elite office desk. An elegant accessory to create in efficient desktop, keep your workspace in order with this opulent yet functional desk organizer.

At Pierotucci we are committed to giving you our very best. Every piece is crafted from genuine leather and carries a certificate assuring you of its quality. This handcrafted desk organizer is made in Crocodile leather with Nubuck lining in a deliciously warm dark brown color and has three separate compartments.

The Florentine artisan, Marco Giusti, has exhibited his works in numerous art galleries in Milan and Florence, among which Palazzo Corsini and the Stazione Leopolda are to mention, and still represents excellence in the field of leather sculpture.

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Protective storage bag
Weight 1.5 Kg
Width 29 cm
Height 19 cm
Depth 14 cm


Crocodile leather

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