Leather Art Cuff Bracelet Handmade in Tuscany - Marco Giusti

Marco Giusti

Cuff Bracelet Italian Jewelry in Leather

Marco Giusti GM-26

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The Leather Cuff Bracelet from the Leather Art Jewelry Collection is a finely crafted handmade product created by the experienced knowledge of the Florentine artisan, Marco Giusti. This fine leather art piece is versatile enough to be worn for almost any occasion: casual or sophisticated, this chunky cuff bracelet will be the statement accessory to your Bohemian or Modernist outfit.

It is a fine piece of leather artwork showing the depth of creative talent of the artist's innovative design. His fashion jewelry compositions are each an original piece. The design is created using the wet forming process where the leather is soaked and then molded while still wet, thus forming unrepeatable shapes. Once the leather is dry it is painted with oil colors to create a piece of jewelry with particularly subtle hues. The brass clasp closure and spring hinge allow for ease in putting this bangle bracelet on. The bracelet is treated with special, anti-allergy wax and oil colors; it is also waterproofed.

The Florentine artisan, Marco Giusti, has exhibited his works in numerous art galleries in Milan and Florence, among which Palazzo Corsini and the Stazione Leopolda are to mention, and still represents excellence in the field of leather sculpture.

At Pierotucci we are committed to giving you our very best. Every item we carry is created from genuine leather and carries a certificate assuring you of its quality. Engraved or stamped in the leather of each piece of jewelry is the artist's signature.

Click here to read more about Marco Giusti and his leather art.


Bracelet length cm 17 cm



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