PT 1972 Bag Collections

Innovative, modern, elegant take on 100% artisanal hand made top quality Made in Italy luxury leather handbags. PT by Pierotucci is a high end line of bags designed to satisfy the demands of today's ultra chic and super active woman. Inspired by the four elements - Fire, Water, Air, Earth - the PT by Pierotucci four new bag collections each have their own personality: Passione (Fire), Preziosa (Water), Libertà (Air) and Natura (Earth).

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Pierotucci 5009-KN Leather Boxy Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women - Dedé

Pierotucci 5009-KN

Price: 840,00

Boxy Handbag Dedé

Pierotucci 5022-KN Leather Boxy Crossbody bag for Women - Coco

Pierotucci 5022-KN

Price: 715,00

Boxy Handbag Coco

Pierotucci 5020-KN Leather Boxy Accordion Shoulder Bag for Women - Artemisia

Pierotucci 5020-KN

Price: 595,00

Accordion Handbag Gentileschi

Pierotucci 5023-KN Leather Round Canteen Crossbody Bag for Women - Amelia

Pierotucci 5023-KN

Price: 435,00

Canteen Bag Amelia

Pierotucci 5002-KN Leather Top Handle Satchel bag for Women - Mae

Pierotucci 5002-KN

Price: 599,00

Satchel Bag Mae

Pierotucci 5003-KN Leather Midi Satchel Shoulder Bag for Women - Midi Mae

Pierotucci 5003-KN

Price: 555,00

Midi Satchel Bag Midi Mae

Pierotucci 5004-KN Leather Top Handle Satchel Bag for Women - Margaret

Pierotucci 5004-KN

Price: 495,00

Mini Satchel Handbag Margaret

Pierotucci 5026-KN Leather Bauletto Handbag for Women - Cristina

Pierotucci 5026-KN

Price: 595,00

Bauletto Bag Cristina

Pierotucci 5010-KN Leather Convertible Satchel Bag for Women - Malala

Pierotucci 5010-KN

Price: 475,00

Top Handle Satchel Bag Malala

Pierotucci 5014-KN Leather Drawstring Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women - Laura

Pierotucci 5014-KN

Price: 555,00

Drawstring Handbag Laura

Pierotucci 5007-KN Leather Boxy Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women - Marie

Pierotucci 5007-KN

Price: 555,00

Boxy Shoulder Bag Marie

Pierotucci 5011-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women - Contessina

Pierotucci 5011-KN

Price: 570,00

Top Handle Bag Contessina

Pierotucci 5006-KN Leather Top Handle Dome Bag for Women - Lucrezia

Pierotucci 5006-KN

Price: 645,00

Top Handle Dome Bag Lucrezia

Pierotucci 5025-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder bag for Women - Rita

Pierotucci 5025-KN

Price: 635,00

Turnlock Handbag Rita

Pierotucci 5016-KN Leather Carryall Tote Bag for Women - Simonetta

Pierotucci 5016-KN

Price: 610,00

Carryall Tote Bag Simonetta

Pierotucci 5015-KN Leather Top Handle Tote Bag for Women - Clarice

Pierotucci 5015-KN

Price: 625,00

Top Handle Tote Clarice

Pierotucci 5017-KN Leather Double Handle Carryall Tote Bag - Aronia

Pierotucci 5017-KN

Price: 455,00

Carryall Tote Bag Aronia

Pierotucci 5005-KN Leather Carryall Tote Bag for Women - Cydonia

Pierotucci 5005-KN

Price: 559,00

Tote Bag Cydonia

Pierotucci 5019-KN Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag with Strap for Women - Camelia

Pierotucci 5019-KN

Price: 540,00

Hobo Bag Camelia

Pierotucci 5001-KN Leather Top Handle Shoulder Bag for Women - Caterina

Pierotucci 5001-KN

Price: 590,00

Top Handle Bag Caterina

Pierotucci 5018-KN Leather Flapover Crossbody Bag for Women - Aster

Pierotucci 5018-KN

Price: 515,00

Crossbody Bag Aster

Pierotucci 5013-KN Leather Flapover Crossbody bag for Women - Erica

Pierotucci 5013-KN

Price: 460,00

Crossbody Bag Erica

Pierotucci 5008-KN Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag for Women - Halesia

Pierotucci 5008-KN

Price: 589,00

Saddle Bag Halesia

Pierotucci 5024-KN Leather Crossbody Binocular bag for Women - Rosa Louise

Pierotucci 5024-KN

Price: 455,00

Binocular shape Bag Rosa Louise

Pierotucci 5012-KN Leather Flapover Top Handle Handbag for Women - Lavinia

Pierotucci 5012-KN

Price: 550,00

Handbag Lavinia

Pierotucci 5021-KN Leather Backpack with Top Handle for Women - Jacquotte

Pierotucci 5021-KN

Price: 580,00

Backpack Jacquotte

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