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Leather Tote & Business Bags Made Especially for Men | Pierotucci

Leather Tote Bags for men

whether its business, shopping or casual

Pierotucci guarantees a collection of tote bags that will suit each and everyone of your needs.  Ranging from casual to elegant, practical to fashion worthy, the wide range of bags, colors, textures and styles available online direct from Florence Italy will have you smiling with anticipation.  Especially handcrafted by expert craftsmen, each and everyone of the Toscanella, Tucci and Pierotucci leather bags is an individual masterpiece.  Using only the best leather, tanned exclusively in Florence, these bags are durable and long lasting.  Talk to our customer service department if you need to tweek the handle length, add a shoulder strap or personalize you bag with a monogram.

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Fortunata 4848D3-PE Cute Handbags from the FORTUNATA Collection

Fortunata 4848D3-PE

Price: 205,00

Cute Handbags

Campomaggi C001650ND - C09021BISVL Campomaggi Slim Tote Bags

Campomaggi C001650ND - C09021BISVL

Price: 396,00

Tote, slim

Fortunata 4848-SP Donation for WWF with Fortunata

Fortunata 4848-SP

Price: 172,00 137,60

WWF Tote Bag

Toscanella 548-VA Leather Business Card Holder

Toscanella 548-VA

Price: 43,00

Leather Card Holder

Campomaggi C1478VLF1 Your Next Favorite Shoulder Tote

Campomaggi C1478VLF1

Price: 475,00

Campomaggi Shoulder Tote

Fortunata 4848U1-PE Limited Edition Italian Leather Tote Bags

Fortunata 4848U1-PE

Price: 205,00

Limited Edition Tote Bags

Pierotucci 4801-NB Italian Styled Laptop Bag

Pierotucci 4801-NB

Price: 298,00

Laptop Bag

Campomaggi C3090BIS Campomaggi Bag in Canvas and leather, Backpack to Shoulder Bag

Campomaggi C3090BIS

Price: 343,00

Bag in Canvas and leather

Tucci 613-CU Leather File Folder with Contrasting Accents

Tucci 613-CU

Price: 71,00

Leather File Folder

Campomaggi C3098CR Campomaggi Tanned Leather Bag, adjustable shoulder strap

Campomaggi C3098CR

Price: 446,00

Vegetable Tanned Bag

Campomaggi C1315AB Campomaggi Large Shopping Tote, Boudreaux

Campomaggi C1315AB

Price: 305,00

Large Bordeaux Tote

Fortunata 4853-PW blk white Embossed Leather Tote Bags

Fortunata 4853-PW blk white

Price: 245,00

Handbag, embossed

Toscanella 1514-TV Leather & Canvas Laptop Bags

Toscanella 1514-TV

Price: 431,00

Laptop Bags with leather accents

Toscanella 1512-TV Leather and canvas men's briefcase

Toscanella 1512-TV

Price: 439,00

Men's briefcase

Campomaggi C3090_PIVLTC Campomaggi Bag in Canvas and leather, Backpack to Shoulder Bag with print

Campomaggi C3090_PIVLTC

Price: 472,00

Bag in Canvas and leather with print

Campomaggi C005980ND X0001 Campomaggi Washed Leather Briefcase - C005980ND

Campomaggi C005980ND X0001

Price: 515,00

Washed Leather Briefcase

Toscanella 1534-VA Business Bag in Leather With Attachable Shoulder Strap

Toscanella 1534-VA

Price: 525,00

Business Bag in Leather With Attachable Shoulder Strap

Toscanella 1533-VA Business Bag in Leather With Attachable Shoulder Strap

Toscanella 1533-VA

Price: 551,00

Business Bag in Leather With Attachable Shoulder Strap

Toscanella 1540-VA Business Tote Bag in Leather With Shoulder Strap

Toscanella 1540-VA

Price: 385,00

Business Tote Bag in Leather

Toscanella 653-VA Travel Pouch Hand Made in Vacchetta Leather, Many Colors Available

Toscanella 653-VA

Price: 68,00

Travel Pouch Hand Made in Vacchetta Leather

Campomaggi C002940ND - C4924VL Campomaggi Shopper Bag - C4924 VL

Campomaggi C002940ND - C4924VL

Price: 488,00

Shopper Bag in Washed Leather

Campomaggi C003050ND - C4980VL Campomaggi Briefcase Large C003050ND

Campomaggi C003050ND - C4980VL

Price: 467,00

Briefcase Large in Washed Leather

Campomaggi C005990ND X0011 Campomaggi Washed Leather and Stamped Canvas Work Bag - 005990ND

Campomaggi C005990ND X0011

Price: 404,00

Washed Leather and Stamped Canvas Work Bag

Pierotucci 1265-MA Leather Business Briefcase for Men

Pierotucci 1265-MA

Price: 512,00

Business Briefcase for Men

Pierotucci 1274-BU External Pockets & A Leather Laptop Bag

Pierotucci 1274-BU

Price: 435,00

Laptop Bag, external pocket

Toscanella 2120-VA Spacious Shoulder Tote

Toscanella 2120-VA

Price: 307,00

Shoulder Tote, all leather

Tucci 1324-VA Leather Doctor's Bag with metal frame

Tucci 1324-VA

Price: 396,00

Leather Doctor's Bag

Campomaggi C001780NDX0001 Campomaggi Working Bag, unlined compartments - C00519-VL

Campomaggi C001780NDX0001

Price: 440,00

Working Bag Unlined

Toscanella 1514-VA Men's Slim Italian Leather Laptop Bag

Toscanella 1514-VA

Price: 466,00

Slim Laptop Bag for men

Fortunata 4853-PW all blk All Black Leather Tote Bags

Fortunata 4853-PW all blk

Price: 245,00

Black on Black

Toscanella 2094-CU Italian Leather Laptop Bags from Toscanella

Toscanella 2094-CU

Price: 290,00

Leather Laptop Bag

Tucci 1329-VA All Italian Leather Shopping Tote for Men

Tucci 1329-VA

Price: 343,00

Shopping Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1263-MA Large Leather Briefcase with lock

Pierotucci 1263-MA

Price: 668,00

Large Briefcase

Toscanella 2010-VA Men's Leather Tote Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 2010-VA

Price: 250,00

Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1258-MA Single Section Leather Briefcase from Pierotucci

Pierotucci 1258-MA

Price: 433,00

Single Section Briefcase

Tucci 1328-VA Slim Leather Tote Bag for Men

Tucci 1328-VA

Price: 343,00

Slim Leather Tote Bag

Toscanella 1512-VA Italian Leather Laptop Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 1512-VA

Price: 497,00

Leather Laptop Bag, top handles

Pierotucci 1273-BU Unisex Leather Laptop Bag

Pierotucci 1273-BU

Price: 399,00

Laptop Bag, unisex

Pierotucci 1281-BU Large Leather Work Bag, unisex

Pierotucci 1281-BU

Price: 568,00

Work Bag, lock & key

Pierotucci 1272-BU Leather Business Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1272-BU

Price: 425,00

Busines Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1278-BU Large Leather Business Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1278-BU

Price: 596,00

Business Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1276-BU Large Italian Leather Briefcase, shoulder strap

Pierotucci 1276-BU

Price: 640,00

Leather Briefcase, large

Tucci 1333-VA Handmade Briefcase in Genuine Italian Leather

Tucci 1333-VA

Price: 581,00

Leather Briefcase, hand made

Tucci 1331-VA Italian Large Leather Laptop Bag

Tucci 1331-VA

Price: 594,00

Leather Laptop Bag

Campomaggi C1166VC Campomaggi Tote Bags in dark brown

Campomaggi C1166VC

Price: 435,00

Tote Bags, brown

Fortunata 4853-PE-01 This Ladies  Purse is Designed Exclusively for you

Fortunata 4853-PE-01

Price: 195,00

Ladies Purse

Toscanella 2116-VA Lined Tote Bags from Italy

Toscanella 2116-VA

Price: 263,00

Lined Tote Bags

Tucci 1330-VA Briefcase in Italian leather with shoulder strap

Tucci 1330-VA

Price: 594,00

Leather Briefcase

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