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Leather Messenger Bags

A style that lends itself to men and women looking for an easy bag to carry with a long leather strap and convienent pockets.  These Italian leather messenger bags are handcrafted in fine leather and offer several solutions for the need to have a hands free bag by your side.  Small or large, an Italian leather messenger bag is a classic and timeless element for your everyday life, making it easier to keep organized and always keeping you looking your best.  Choose from a wide selection of colors, sizes and fashion statements but rest assured that the quality is always the same:  excellent.

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Campomaggi Work Bag with Push Button Closure - C000370ND
409,00 €
All Leather Business Bag
Business Bag
380,00 €
Crossbody Messenger bag in Leather
295,00 €
Women's Satchel Bag in Leather, Hand Made
393,00 €
Large Laptop Messenger Bag in Leather
498,00 €
Crossbody Messenger Bag in Leather, 5 colors
498,00 €
Large Leather Messenger Bag
360,00 €
Men's All Leather Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag
364,00 €
Italian Leather Man Bag, canvas strap
198,00 €
New Designer All Leather Messenger Bag
324,00 €
Men's Leather Messenger Bag
317,00 €
Men's Italian Leather Messenger Bag
374,00 €
Italian Leather Man Bag from Toscanella
Leather Man Bag
453,00 €
Classic Campomaggi Messenger Bags
312,00 €
Classic Campomaggi Messenger Bags
349,00 €
Italian Leather Shoulder Bag
378,00 €
Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag
238,00 166,60 €
Leather Messenger Bag for Men from Toscanella
260,00 182,00 €
Large Leather Messenger Bag from Toscanella
321,00 €
Small All Leather Messenger
254,00 €
Leather Messenger Bags
295,00 €
Campomaggi Messenger Cross Body Bag
250,00 €
Campomaggi Cross Body Messenger Bag with front buckle
250,00 €
Men's Black or Brown Leather Messenger Bag
170,00 €
Leather Men's Messenger Bag
205,00 €
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