Porselli Decolleté, Handmade in Italy

PORSELLI DECOLLETE' BALLET SHOES: Leather Pumps Handmade in Italy

Comfortable and perfect for any occasion, the Decolleté shoes are evolved from the classic Porselli Ballet Flat Shoe.
Perfect for the those who want both comfort and elegance with some more sophistication: the 3 cm heel will dress up your outfit with more femininity without losing the traditional attraction of Porselli comfort - the trademark of the brand's ballet flat.
The heel is covered in the same color leather as the shoe and has an anti-slip piece attached to the bottom for extra protection from wear.  The shoelace slides through the grosgrain trim so you can tighten the shoes to form to your feet.

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Porselli PO-DE-C04 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel -Dark Brown Suede

Porselli PO-DE-C04

Price: 194,00

Decolleté Dark Brown Suede

Porselli PO-DE-31 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Navy Blue

Porselli PO-DE-31

Price: 183,00

Decolletè Navy Blue

Porselli PO-DE-38 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Royal Blue

Porselli PO-DE-38

Price: 183,00

Decolletè Royal Blue

Porselli PO-DE-13 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Yellow

Porselli PO-DE-13

Price: 183,00

Decolleté Yellow

Porselli PO-DE-32 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Mustard

Porselli PO-DE-32

Price: 183,00

Decolletè Mustard

Porselli PO-DE-C02 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Nude Suede

Porselli PO-DE-C02

Price: 194,00

Decolleté Nude Suede

Porselli PO-DE-C08 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Red Suede

Porselli PO-DE-C08

Price: 194,00

Decolleté Red Suede

Porselli PO-DE-C14 Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Beige Suede

Porselli PO-DE-C14

Price: 194,00

Decolletè Beige Suede

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