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Victorian Image in Agate Cameo


Girl with Rose

Price 273,00

Cod A052-30


This product will be produced especially for you. There is a 5 week waiting period.

  • Agate stone cameo of a young girl

    Calm and serene, this profile of a young woman gently holding a flower at her shoulder offers a dignified elegance that can only be seen from Italian cameo artists. Her beautiful long tresses are gently tied back and she seems to be looking at something over her shoulder, but what it is, only she knows ...

  • Features:
    Cameo width cm 3
    Cameo with necklace hook
    Cameo with pendant pin

    18k gold
    Agate stone

  • This chart refers to the actual product measurements (that can vary 1-2 cm due the nature of the material) MISURE GUIDE

    Height Cm: 3.20
    Width Cm: 2.40

Green or Blue agate Cameo framed in 18K yellow gold featuring a Victorian image of a young woman and a rose in hand (3 cm)

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