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Italian Leather Tote Bags

It's a classic, the Italian leather tote bag.  A soft comfortable handle slips right over your shoulder or conforms to your hand for easy carrying.  The Pierotucci Collection of Italian leather tote bags includes traditional styles as well as designer fashion statements from several Made in Italy labels.  Browse through the extensive collection which features the best of the best, all sizes, colors and possible customization options including handle length, color and additional pockets.  If you are looking for a business tote, a casual tote, a travel tote or a formal bag then you are sure to find just the right model for you.

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Campomaggi Tote Bag - C4941 VL
417,00 €
Campomaggi Shopper Bag - C4924 VL
488,00 €
Campomaggi Tote Bag - C4196 VL
462,00 €
large zipped tote bag leather handmade in italy
348,00 €
Zipped Tote Bag In Leather
300,00 €
Shopping Bag in Leather with Canvas Handles, for women
229,00 €
Men's Leather Tote Bag from Toscanella
Tote Bag
250,00 €
Business Bags inToscanella Leather
304,00 €
Women's Leather Tote Bag from Toscanella
200,00 €
Women's Small Leather Handbags Mini Size
156,00 €
Lined Tote Bags from Italy
Lined Tote Bags
263,00 €
Italian Leather Tote Bag | Toscanella
205,00 €
Women's Leather & Canvas Handbags
365,00 €
Leather & Canvas Business Bag
263,00 €
Small Leather Tote Bag from Toscanella
Tote Bag, small
128,00 €
Spacious Shoulder Totes
307,00 €
Versatile Women's Leather Handbag
470,00 €
Black tote bag in woven leather
369,00 €
Grey tote bag in woven leather
369,00 €
Taupe tote bag in woven leather
369,00 €
Brown tote bag in woven leather
369,00 €
Italian Leather Shopping Bag from Toscanella
Shopping Bag
172,00 €
All Purpose Italian Leather Tote Bag
396,00 €
Men's Italian Leather Tote Bag
263,00 €
Multi-pocketed Tote Bag
435,00 €
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