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Cameo Brooch, in blue agate


Young Man in Agate

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Cod A038-30

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  • Brooch Pin and Pendant: Blue Agate Victorian Cameo - Renaissance Man with Wig (3.0 cm)


    A most unusual Blue agate Victorian cameo depicting a man from Renaissance times. He is wearing a wig and looks very sophisticated and learned. Stunningly handmade carved from the blue agate stone, this precious agate stone cameo piece is completely unique. Framed in 18k gold, this is a cameo that is extremely special and would make a wonderful gift for that special person in your life.

    All agate stone cameos jewelry, pin and pendant comes with a certificate of origin from one of the leading manufacturer of coral and cameo jewelry that still utilizes traditional methods that have been used for over 5000 years.

  • Features:
    Cameo width cm 3
    Cameo with necklace hook
    Cameo with pendant pin

    18k gold
    Agate stone

  • This chart refers to the actual product measurements (that can vary 1-2 cm due the nature of the material) MISURE GUIDE

    Height Cm: 3.20
    Width Cm: 2.40

Blue agate Cameo framed in 18K yellow gold featuring a potrait of a young man (3 cm)

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