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Italian Leather Key Chains

Keep organized with finely crafted genuine leather key chains in a wide variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes.  Be it a playful look from Braccialini, a totally feminine look from Campo dei Fiori or a more masculine line from Pierotucci & Toscanella - these all leather key chains are just what you need to keep your keys organized and cataloged.  Mix and match your key chain with all of your leather accessories, for example your wallet, coin purse and credit card holder.  Assembled in Florence Italy by skilled artisans, these key chains are made in the tradition of years of experience.

Business Card Holder in Leather
42,00 €
Italian Leather Key Lanyard from Florence
21,00 €
Italian Key Ring in Intrecciata Leather
72,00 €
Italian Leather Key Wallet
52,00 €
Men's Mini Leather Key Holder
43,00 €
Italian Leather Dual Purpose Key Holder
26,00 €
Italian Leather Key Lanyard from Florence
18,00 €
Leather Key Wallet Made in Italy
39,00 €
Cuoio Leather Key Lanyard, embossed Giglio
13,75 €
Cuoio Leather Key Lanyard, double hook
7,00 €
Cuoio Leather Key Lanyard, 4 key clips
8,00 €
Key Wallet for Her
Campo dei Fiori
6 Ring Key Wallet
39,00 €
Key Wallet for Her from Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori
4 Ring Key Wallet
31,00 €
Leather Key Holder from Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori
4 Key Holder & Hook
19,00 €
Key Lanyard from Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori
2 Ring Key Lanyard
15,00 €
Coin & Key Holder in Campo dei Fiori Lambskin
16,00 €
Coin Holder with Key Ring from Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori
Sm Coin & Key Purse
14,00 €
Playful Leather Key Chains
15,00 €
Fun Leather Key Chains
Fun Key Chains
15,00 €
Key Chain for Cat Lover
15,00 €
Key Chain for Dog Lover
15,00 €