Women's Smart Phone Gloves in Leather

Leather Smartphone Gloves Touch screen Made in Italy

Sandro Temin 14DF-IP

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Smart gloves for all your touch screen technology

Sandro Temin is constantly in tune with the times. The particular Nappa used on the palms and fingertips allows this deluxe soft leather glove to handle your touch screen with speed and accuracy. Never need to remove your glove again when using your touchscreens in the cold. Lined with a velvety genuine Italian silk, these women's gloves are the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

The leather palms are resistant and the suede leather uppers allow for extra warmth while managing all of your touchscreen functions.

The Sandro Temin company was founded in Naples in 1930 and their production is closely linked to the Italian craftsmanship traditions of leather processing. Thanks to Sandro Temin quality, this artisan product can be found in the most elegant fashion boutiques.

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Product Measurements:

7 18 cm
7.5 19.5 cm
8 20 cm


  • Wool lining


  • Nappa Lambskin
  • Suede Leather

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