Italian Leather Belts Make Great Gifts for Men 

on 2018 Mar 10
Not bad for that money.

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Cuoio Leather Belts for Men

Toscanella 30-CU

Price: 57,00
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Tocanella handcrafted Cuoio leather belts for Men
Years of tradition guarantee a leather belt men can depend on

The one item in the closet that is not only a necessity but an accessory. Men love belts, and this beautiful cuoio natural leather belt from the Pierotucci Toscanella collection has a casual masculine appeal. Using only the best Italian leather this belt strap can be adjusted to a customized length upon request. The rustic looking silver coloured buckle and button are the perfect complements to the thick strong Italian calf leather strap, a mix between Italian elegance and the American cowboy.

Ths 4 cm belt is a special width and can easily accommodate jeans and casual wear. Toscanella choose this particular type of leather because, just like good Italian wine, it ages well with use. Each belt has a decorative edge burned in by hand using the Italian techinique called "rigarolo", where the master craftsman takes a banding iron and runs it along the edge of the belt leaving an indented surface which adds personality to the strap. 


Leather Strap Width, cm: 4
Width 0 cm
Height 0 cm
Depth 0 cm



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