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Mythical Phoenix

Pierotucci SAR-45-04_07

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The Phoenix is a bird of Greek and Egyptian mythology. The phoenix is said to have red and purple plumage (hence the name Phoenix, which comes from the Greek word for purple), although is has also been said to be gold or all the colors of the rainbow. The phoenix is a symbol of the sun, and every morning, Apollo, the sun god, would stop his chariot to listen to the phoenix singing as it bathed itself. The Egyptian version is seen as a heron, while the Greek version is seen as a peacock or an eagle.

The mother is holding the bird and her child is holding onto its claw. The child also has wings. This is a very symbolic cameo and has been expertly carved by our master craftsmen. A piece that will be treasured throughout the generations.

Because hand-carved, each cameo pendant in seashell is unique. This piece of cameo jewelry is the ONLY one of its kind.

All cameo jewelry comes with a certificate of origin from one of the leading manufacturers of coral and cameo jewelry that still utilizes traditional methods that have been used for over 5000 years. 


Cameo width cm 4.5
Cameo with necklace hook
Cameo with pendant pin
Weight 0.01 Kg
Width 3.7 cm
Height 4.7 cm


18k gold
Sardonyx shell

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