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Italian Leather Clothing: Jackets, Skirts and Pants.

Choose a hand made Italian Leather Jacket for men and for women at Pierotucci. Measure, Buy and Strut your stuff!  Pierotucci is revolutionizing customized Italian leather jackets for men and for women. Select the model that catches your attention and provide us with your body measurements. We will evaluate and see if you fit one of our standard sizes for an Italian leather jacket, skirt, vest or pair of pants. For a nominal charge, we can offer certain customisations.   The deluxe collection of quality clothing, form fitting jackets, skirts and pants are exactly what makes the Pierotucci Italian Clothing Collection stand out. Browse our extended line of Florence styles and Italian designers or contact our customer service office for more information.

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Kids Jacket with Assymetric Zip for Girls
224,00 €
Ladies Long Reversible Coat in Black
785,00 €
Biker Style Jacket with Zip for Men
435,00 €
Jacket in Lambskin Leather for Men in Tobacco
460,00 €
Jacket with Zip - Slim Fit for Women
365,00 €
Classic Men's Leather Jacket
520,00 €
Jacket with Zip - Adjustable for Women
492,00 €
Coat in Shearling for Women - Reversible
875,00 €
Jacket with Zip in Shearling for Men
875,00 €
Jacket with Asymmetrical Design for Women
338,00 €
Jacket with Zip and Clip for Men
435,00 €
Blazer with Buttons, Black with White Borders for Women
462,00 €
Bomber Jacket with Zip - Suede - For Men
699,00 €
Jacket with Covered Zip for Men
418,00 €
Coat with Fitted Waist - Unlined for Women
567,00 €
Jacket with Zip for Women
431,00 €
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