Italian Leather Clothing Handmade in Florence

Italian Leather Clothing: Jackets, Coats, Skirts, Pants and Vests.

Choose a handmade Italian Leather Jacket for men and for women at Pierotucci. Measure, Buy and Strut your stuff!  Pierotucci is revolutionizing customized Italian leather jackets for men and for women. Select the model that catches your attention and provide us with your body measurements. We will evaluate and see if you fit one of our standard sizes for an Italian leather jacket, skirt, vest or pair of pants. For a nominal charge, we can offer certain customizations. The deluxe collection of quality clothing, superb fitting leather jackets, skirts and pants are exactly what makes the Pierotucci Italian Clothing Collection stand out. Remember that a perfect leather jacket should look and feel like a "second skin!" Browse our extended line of Made in Florence styles and Italian designers or contact our customer service office for more information.

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Pierotucci AB233-NA Cognac Leather Vest for Men, front zip

Pierotucci AB233-NA

Price: 250,00

Vintage Leather Vest

Pierotucci AB333-NA/007 Leather Biker Jacket with Airtex finish for Men Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB333-NA/007

Price: 480,00

Men's Moto Jacket in Leather with Texture

Pierotucci AB385-NA Leather Reversible Vest with Hood for Men Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB385-NA

Price: 436,00

Men's Reversible Vest with Hood in Leather

Pierotucci AB308-CA/007 Suede Leather Single Breasted Blazer for Men Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB308-CA/007

Price: 610,00

Men's Patch Pocket Blazer in Suede Leather

Pierotucci AB245-NA/007 Leather Racer Moto Jacket for Men Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB245-NA/007

Price: 430,00

Men's Moto Jacket in Leather

Pierotucci AB314-NA Front Zip Black Leather Vest

Pierotucci AB314-NA

Price: 299,00

Ladies Leather Vest

Pierotucci AB233-NA/nero Black Leather Vest for Men

Pierotucci AB233-NA/nero

Price: 250,00

Black Leather Vest

Pierotucci AB361-NA/004 Leather Moto Jacket with Asymmetric Zip for Kids Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB361-NA/004

Price: 224,00

Girls Leather Biker Jacket Patterned Lining

Pierotucci AB361-NA/007 Leather Moto Jacket for Kids Patterned Lining Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB361-NA/007

Price: 224,00

Boys Biker Jacket in Leather

Pierotucci AB311-CA Leather Bomber Jacket with Pony Hair for Women Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB311-CA

Price: 739,00 591,20

Women's Bomber Jacket in Leather

Pierotucci AB325-NA/015 Leather and Suede Reversible Blazer Woven Detail for Women Italian Made

Pierotucci AB325-NA/015

Price: 699,00

Women's Reversible Blazer in Leather

Pierotucci AB305-NA/015 Leather and Suede Reversible Blazer for Women Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB305-NA/015

Price: 695,00

Women's Reversible Jacket in Leather

Pierotucci AB288-NA 53 Leather Jacket Band Collar in Purple for Women Italian Made

Pierotucci AB288-NA 53

Price: 785,00 628,00

Women's Purple Leather Jacket

Pierotucci AB353-NA Leather Moto Jacket Asymmetrical Zip for Men Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB353-NA

Price: 435,00 348,00

Men's Biker Jacket in Leather with Zip

Pierotucci AB301-NA/nero Leather Classic Blazer Two Buttons for Men Made in Florence

Pierotucci AB301-NA/nero

Price: 430,00 344,00

Men's Black Blazer in Leather

Pierotucci AB323-NA Leather Moto Jacket Shoulder Padding for Men Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB323-NA

Price: 475,00 380,00

Men's Biker Jacket in Distressed Leather

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