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Cameo in Sardonyx with 18K Accents

Hand Carved Sardonyx Cameo

Each piece is a unique and beautiful creation, completed by a skilled artisan who has spent years learning and perfecting the art of carving into this rare and exquisite shell.   Due to the rarity of the sardonyx shell, only a limited number of new pieces are created each year.  Examine the detail in these minute masterpieces:  the petals on the flowers, the smile on her lips or the curls that dangle at her brow.  A hand carved sardonyx cameo is a gift that will live forever in your heart.

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Pierotucci SAR-35-02-A_07 Woman & Calla Lily, carved sardonyx

Pierotucci SAR-35-02-A_07

Price: 317,00

Woman & Calla Lily

Pierotucci SAR-50-19_07 Renaissance Portrait, cameo brooch

Pierotucci SAR-50-19_07

Price: 2.350,00

Renaissance Portrait

Pierotucci SAR-45-01-B_07 Victorian Woman Cameo Brooch

Pierotucci SAR-45-01-B_07

Price: 360,00

Victorian Woman

Pierotucci SAR-45-06_07 Woman & Violin, hand carved cameo

Pierotucci SAR-45-06_07

Price: 1.550,00

Woman & Violin

Pierotucci SAR-45-17-B_07 Flowers in Vase, hand carved cameo

Pierotucci SAR-45-17-B_07

Price: 470,00

Flowers in Vase

Pierotucci SAR-40-03_07 Cameo of Woman with Earrings

Pierotucci SAR-40-03_07

Price: 830,00

Woman with Earrings

Pierotucci SAR-30-01-B_07 Neo Classical Woman, pendant & brooch

Pierotucci SAR-30-01-B_07

Price: 317,00

Neo Classical Woman

Pierotucci SAR-30-03-B_07 Heart Shaped Cameo

Pierotucci SAR-30-03-B_07

Price: 273,00

Heart Shaped Portrait

Pierotucci SAR-40-01-A_07 Great Gatsby Style Cameo

Pierotucci SAR-40-01-A_07

Price: 339,00

Great Gatsby Style

Pierotucci SAR-30-02_07 Floral Still Life, sardonyx cameo

Pierotucci SAR-30-02_07

Price: 439,00

Floral Still Life

Pierotucci SAR-35-06_07 Singing Nightingale, cameo brooch & pendant

Pierotucci SAR-35-06_07

Price: 420,00

Singing Nightingale

Pierotucci SAR-45-04_07 Mythical Phoenix, sardonyx cameo

Pierotucci SAR-45-04_07

Price: 790,00

Mythical Phoenix

Pierotucci SAR-50-02_07 Eagle & Ganymede, cameo brooch

Pierotucci SAR-50-02_07

Price: 949,00

Eagle & Ganymede

Pierotucci OR20-CON_07 Victorian Women, cameo

Pierotucci OR20-CON_07

Price: 490,00

Victorian Women

Pierotucci SAR-70-04_07 Neo Classical Scene Cameo Brooch

Pierotucci SAR-70-04_07

Price: 1.750,00

Neo Classical Scene

Pierotucci OR22-CON_07 Victorian Girls, cameo

Pierotucci OR22-CON_07

Price: 525,00

Victorian Girls

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