Italian Carved Cameos

Craftsmenship Cameos

Gold and jewelry have been a tradition in Florence since before the Etruscans. The incredible detail that goes into these delightful creations is witness to the skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Hand carved cameos are the perfect Made in Italy gift items. In this page you can browse through our collection of unique agate, carnelian or sardonyx cameos with an Italian 18K gold frame. With a cameon there is always something special to remind you of Florence and the gold traditions of the Ponte Vecchio.

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Pierotucci SAR-50-02_07 Eagle & Ganymede, cameo brooch

Pierotucci SAR-50-02_07

Price: 949,00

Eagle & Ganymede

Pierotucci SAR-30-02_07 Floral Still Life, sardonyx cameo

Pierotucci SAR-30-02_07

Price: 439,00

Floral Still Life

Pierotucci SAR-70-04_07 Neo Classical Scene Cameo Brooch

Pierotucci SAR-70-04_07

Price: 1.750,00

Neo Classical Scene

Pierotucci SAR-40-03_07 Cameo of Woman with Earrings

Pierotucci SAR-40-03_07

Price: 830,00

Woman with Earrings

Pierotucci SAR-35-06_07 Singing Nightingale, cameo brooch & pendant

Pierotucci SAR-35-06_07

Price: 420,00

Singing Nightingale

Pierotucci SAR-45-04_07 Mythical Phoenix, sardonyx cameo

Pierotucci SAR-45-04_07

Price: 790,00

Mythical Phoenix

Pierotucci SAR-35-02-A_07 Woman & Calla Lily, carved sardonyx

Pierotucci SAR-35-02-A_07

Price: 317,00

Woman & Calla Lily

Pierotucci SAR-45-17-B_07 Flowers in Vase, hand carved cameo

Pierotucci SAR-45-17-B_07

Price: 470,00

Flowers in Vase

Pierotucci COR-45-01-A/07 Italian Cameo Carnelian with Greek Goddess

Pierotucci COR-45-01-A/07

Price: 330,00

Greek Goddess & Flowers

Pierotucci SAR-50-19_07 Renaissance Portrait, cameo brooch

Pierotucci SAR-50-19_07

Price: 2.350,00

Renaissance Portrait

Pierotucci SAR-40-01-A_07 Great Gatsby Style Cameo

Pierotucci SAR-40-01-A_07

Price: 339,00

Great Gatsby Style

Pierotucci SAR-45-01-B_07 Victorian Woman Cameo Brooch

Pierotucci SAR-45-01-B_07

Price: 360,00

Victorian Woman

Pierotucci SAR-30-01-B_07 Neo Classical Woman, pendant & brooch

Pierotucci SAR-30-01-B_07

Price: 317,00

Neo Classical Woman

Pierotucci SAR-45-06_07 Woman & Violin, hand carved cameo

Pierotucci SAR-45-06_07

Price: 1.550,00

Woman & Violin

Pierotucci SAR-30-03-B_07 Heart Shaped Cameo

Pierotucci SAR-30-03-B_07

Price: 273,00

Heart Shaped Portrait

Pierotucci COR-45-01-07M Italian Cameo Carnelian Girl with Song Bird

Pierotucci COR-45-01-07M

Price: 330,00

Girl & Song Bird

Pierotucci A038-30 Cameo Brooch, in blue agate

Pierotucci A038-30

Price: 273,00

Young Man in Agate

Pierotucci COR-50-01-A_07 Italian Cameo Carnelian and a Fall Bouquet

Pierotucci COR-50-01-A_07

Price: 348,00

Girl & Fall Bouquet

Pierotucci COR-35-01-07N Italian Cameo Carnelian Princess Flowers

Pierotucci COR-35-01-07N

Price: 290,00

Princess with Flowers

Pierotucci A052-30 Victorian Image in Agate Cameo

Pierotucci A052-30

Price: 273,00

Girl with Rose

Pierotucci A050-25 Blue Agate Cameo Brooch, Victorian style

Pierotucci A050-25

Price: 233,00

Girl & Olive Branch, blue

Pierotucci A012-40 Red Cameo Brooch in Agate

Pierotucci A012-40

Price: 334,00

Girl & Halo, red cameo

Pierotucci A101-40 Black Agate Cameo, a classical Victorian

Pierotucci A101-40

Price: 339,00

Girl & Flower Spray

Pierotucci A021-40 Italian Cameo in Blue Agate Stone

Pierotucci A021-40

Price: 339,00

Girl & Roses

Pierotucci OR20-CON_07 Victorian Women, cameo

Pierotucci OR20-CON_07

Price: 490,00

Victorian Women

Pierotucci OR22-CON_07 Victorian Girls, cameo

Pierotucci OR22-CON_07

Price: 525,00

Victorian Girls

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