Porselli Decolleté 3 cm heel - Light Grey Suede with Cherry Red Trim


Decolleté Light Grey Suede with Cherry Red Trim

Porselli PO-DE-C07-22

Price: 209,00
This product will be produced especially for you. There is a 32-36 week waiting period.


Porselli Decolleté Shoes with 3cm Heel in Light Grey Suede with Cherry Red Trim
The street evolution of the Classic Italian Dance Pointe

Relaxed and casual, The Decolletè are perfect for the ones who are looking for both comfort and elegance: the 3 cm heel will add femininity and style in a comfortable way. The heel is entirely covered with suede leather, in the same colour as the upper part and has a protective rubber surface that makes the shoes anti-slip.

Totally HANDCRAFTED, stitched with the inside out technique with a leather sole, pure cotton lining and upper part in Suede goat leather, cotton trim with an elastic lace inside.

We order these shoes directly from the Porselli factory in Milan. The waiting period is due to the fact that these are 100% hand made using traditional techniques which is a completely different method to mass produced shoes.


Protective storage bag
Leather soles
Drawstring for size regulation
Width 0 cm
Height 0 cm
Depth 0 cm


Suede leather

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