Pierotucci Italian Leather for Men & Women only Genuine Classical Elegance

Pierotucci: refined Italian Leather accessories and apparel

The best collection of elegant handcrafted business, messenger, travel and tote bags, as well as a wide range of leather accessories such as wallets, belts, gloves and more - all in genuine Italian leather. Designed to appeal to the more classy and traditional style, the mix of fashionable colors in Italian leather make this a collection elegant and refined.  The Men’s and Women’s Collection of Leather Jackets from Pierotucci are customized to the perfect size: an Italian guarantee. As you browse through the different categories from the Pierotucci Collection, you cannot help but admire the even stitching, the quality linings, buttons and accessories ... not to mention the obvious quality 100% Italian leather in Nappa top calf, soft embossed and Cuoio. Each piece is hand made in the Florence based workshop of Pierotucci where skilled craftsmen and women patiently cut, prep and assemble the wallets, bags and more.

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Pierotucci 518-BU Men's Coin Pouch in Soft Embossed Leather Made in Italy

Pierotucci 518-BU

Price: 55,00

Men's Leather Coin Pouch

Pierotucci 510-BU Slim Leather Card Holder for Men from Pierotucci

Pierotucci 510-BU

Price: 115,00

Leather Card Holder

Pierotucci 514-BU Leather Walletc & Coin Pocket from Florence

Pierotucci 514-BU

Price: 99,00

Wallets & Coin Pocket

Pierotucci 509-BU Slim Vertical Leather Billfold

Pierotucci 509-BU

Price: 105,00

Billfold, slim vertical

Pierotucci 506-BU Leather Wallet Billfold for Women Made in Tuscany

Pierotucci 506-BU

Price: 145,00

Women's Billfold Wallet in Soft Leather

Pierotucci CINT01-03 Elegant Men's Reversible Belt, Handcrafted in Italy, 3 Cm

Pierotucci CINT01-03

Price: 25,00

Elegant Italian Leather Reversible Belt

Pierotucci 524-BU Unique Gift Idea for Women | Coin Purse

Pierotucci 524-BU

Price: 36,00

Leather Coin Purse, women

Pierotucci 517-BU Classic Slim Men's Leather Billfold

Pierotucci 517-BU

Price: 71,00

Leather Billfold, slim

Pierotucci 520-BU Business Card Holder for Men

Pierotucci 520-BU

Price: 50,00

Card Holder, 2 pockets

Pierotucci 523-BU Men's Business Card Holder in Leather

Pierotucci 523-BU

Price: 37,00

Business Card Holder

Pierotucci 552-BU Mens Italian Leather Billfold

Pierotucci 552-BU

Price: 95,00

Italian Leather Billfold

Pierotucci 512-BU Compact Leather Wallet with Coin Purse

Pierotucci 512-BU

Price: 135,00

Wallet & Coin Purse

Pierotucci 1258-MA Single Section Leather Briefcase from Pierotucci

Pierotucci 1258-MA

Price: 433,00

Single Section Briefcase

Pierotucci 1262-MA Italian Leather Briefcase with 3 sections

Pierotucci 1262-MA

Price: 617,00

3 Section Briefcase

Pierotucci 1263-MA Large Leather Briefcase with lock

Pierotucci 1263-MA

Price: 668,00

Large Briefcase

Pierotucci 1264-MA Large Leather Doctor's Bag

Pierotucci 1264-MA

Price: 607,00

Large Doctor's Bag

Pierotucci 1265-MA Leather Business Briefcase for Men

Pierotucci 1265-MA

Price: 512,00

Business Briefcase for Men

Pierotucci 1266-MA Stylized Leather Business Bag

Pierotucci 1266-MA

Price: 517,00

Stylized Business Bag

Pierotucci 1267-MA Doctor's Bag with Shoulder Strap For Men

Pierotucci 1267-MA

Price: 480,00

Doctor's Bag in Leather with Shoulder Strap

Pierotucci 1269-BU Leather Man Bag Crossbody Messenger for Men Made in Tuscany

Pierotucci 1269-BU

Price: 263,00

Man Bag Messenger Crossbody in genuine leather

Pierotucci 1270-BU All Leather Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1270-BU

Price: 245,00

Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1271-BU An Italian Style Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1271-BU

Price: 298,00

Italian Style Messenger

Pierotucci 1272-BU Leather Business Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1272-BU

Price: 425,00

Busines Tote Bag

Pierotucci 1273-BU Unisex Leather Laptop Bag

Pierotucci 1273-BU

Price: 399,00

Laptop Bag, unisex

Pierotucci 1274-BU External Pockets & A Leather Laptop Bag

Pierotucci 1274-BU

Price: 435,00

Laptop Bag, external pocket

Pierotucci 1276-BU Large Italian Leather Briefcase, shoulder strap

Pierotucci 1276-BU

Price: 640,00

Leather Briefcase, large

Pierotucci 1277-BU Large Leather Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1277-BU

Price: 360,00

Leather Messenger, large

Pierotucci 1280-BU Designer All Leather Doctor's Bag

Pierotucci 1280-BU

Price: 615,00

Designer Doctor's Bag

Pierotucci 1281-BU Large Leather Work Bag, unisex

Pierotucci 1281-BU

Price: 568,00

Work Bag, lock & key

Pierotucci 1283-BU Genuine Leather Briefcase Bags

Pierotucci 1283-BU

Price: 644,00

Briefcase bags, lock & key

Pierotucci 1284-BU Italian Leather Duffle Bags

Pierotucci 1284-BU

Price: 522,00

Duffle bags, Italian leather

Pierotucci 1285-BU Genuine Leather Travel Bags

Pierotucci 1285-BU

Price: 515,00

Travel Bags, shoulder strap

Pierotucci 1286-BU Genuine Leather Hand Luggage

Pierotucci 1286-BU

Price: 615,00

Hand Luggage

Pierotucci 1288-BU Men's Leather Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1288-BU

Price: 238,00

Men's Messenger

Pierotucci 1289-BU Men's Black or Brown Leather Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 1289-BU

Price: 170,00

Men's Messenger Bag

Pierotucci 70185-bordò Bordeaux Tacco Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-bordò

Price: 48,00

Bordeaux Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-arancione Orange Tacco Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci 70185-arancione

Price: 48,00

Orange Italian Coin Wallet

Pierotucci DG-1186 Italian Classic Belt, Hand Stitched, 3,5 Cm

Pierotucci DG-1186

Price: 66,00

Classic Italian Belt For Man With Stitching

Pierotucci DG-1309 Finely Textured Leather Belt with Silver buckle, 3,5 cm

Pierotucci DG-1309

Price: 66,00

Finely Dotted Leather Belt

Pierotucci DG-068 Elegant Handmade Italian Leather Belt, 3,5 Cm

Pierotucci DG-068

Price: 62,00

Elegant Italian Leather Belt

Pierotucci 4611-TO Elegant Women's Leather Handbags

Pierotucci 4611-TO

Price: 348,00

Elegant Women's Handbags

Pierotucci 4666-MA Dome ShapedLeather Handbags

Pierotucci 4666-MA

Price: 198,00

Dome Shaped Handbags

Pierotucci 4670-TO Ladies Nappa Leather Hobo Bags

Pierotucci 4670-TO

Price: 235,00

Ladies Hobo Bags

Pierotucci 4739-TO Cute Leather Handbags, many colors

Pierotucci 4739-TO

Price: 229,00

Cute Handbags

Pierotucci AB360-NA Leather Blazer Bi-color Trim for Women Plus Sizes Made in Italy

Pierotucci AB360-NA

Price: 462,00

Women's Button Blazer in Leather

Pierotucci 4790-NB Travel Accessories with shoulder strap

Pierotucci 4790-NB

Price: 125,00

Travel Accessories

Pierotucci 4809-BU Elegant Ladies Leather Handbags

Pierotucci 4809-BU

Price: 290,00

Elegant Leather Handbags

Pierotucci 4810-BU Women's Soft Embossed Leather Tote Bag

Pierotucci 4810-BU

Price: 299,00

Women's Tote Bag

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