Toscanella Leather Bags and Accessories


Tuscany Leather Creations for Men & Women

The complete Toscanella Collection of bags, wallets and accessories is handcrafted in Florence, Italy by highly skilled leather craftsmen using only premium quality vegetable tanned Italian Vacchetta leather sourced from nearby tanneries. The timeless designs of the Toscanella Classic Collection come in 8 rich colors inspired from the rolling hills of Tuscany and its landscape - complete with the Cypress trees logo.

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Toscanella 1537-VA Leather Document Holder Pouch with Zipper for Men Made in Florence

Toscanella 1537-VA

Price: 116,00

Men's Document Holder in Leather

Toscanella 1517-TV Leather & Canvas Messenger Bag for Men

Toscanella 1517-TV

Price: 255,00

Messenger Bag, leather accents

Toscanella 557-VA Large Leather Travel Case

Toscanella 557-VA

Price: 50,00

Travel Case, large

Toscanella 556-VA Leather Purse Organizer | Toscanella

Toscanella 556-VA

Price: 43,00

Leather Purse Organizer

Toscanella 555-VA Small Leather Organizer | Toscanella

Toscanella 555-VA

Price: 40,00

Organizer, small

Toscanella 2044-TV Women's Leather & Canvas Hobo Bag

Toscanella 2044-TV

Price: 290,00

Leather & Canvas Hobo Bag

Toscanella 2023-TV Designer Purse for Women by Toscanella

Toscanella 2023-TV

Price: 175,00

Designer Purse

Toscanella 2016-TV Messenger Bag Made in Italy

Toscanella 2016-TV

Price: 304,00

Messenger Bag

Toscanella 549-VA Money Clip Wallet

Toscanella 549-VA

Price: 79,00

Wallet & Money Clip

Toscanella 2131-VA The Perfect Size Italian Leather Purse

Toscanella 2131-VA

Price: 298,00

Perfect Size Purse

Toscanella 2126-VA Intrecciata  Cross Body Bag

Toscanella 2126-VA

Price: 428,00 342,40

Cross Body Bag, Intrecciata

Toscanella 2127-VA Intrecciata Leather Cross Body Purse

Toscanella 2127-VA

Price: 488,00 390,40

Cross Body Purse, Intrecciata

Toscanella 2124-VA Intrecciata Leather Shoulder Bag

Toscanella 2124-VA

Price: 512,00 409,60

Shoulder Bag, Intrecciata

Toscanella 2128-VA Hand Tote Bags in Intrecciata Leather

Toscanella 2128-VA

Price: 502,00 401,60

Hand Tote Bags, Intrecciata

Toscanella 2129-VA A Pretty Little Purse that Always Looks Good

Toscanella 2129-VA

Price: 237,00

Pretty Little Purse

Toscanella 2130-VA Convenience & Beauty Drawstring Purse

Toscanella 2130-VA

Price: 263,00

Drawstring Purse

Toscanella 2121-VA Shoulder Bag in Vegetable Tanned Leather

Toscanella 2121-VA

Price: 338,00

All Leather Shoulder Bag

Toscanella 2120-VA Spacious Shoulder Tote

Toscanella 2120-VA

Price: 307,00

Shoulder Tote, all leather

Toscanella 602-VA Slim Italian Coin Pouch in Intrecciata Leather | Toscanella

Toscanella 602-VA

Price: 84,00

Italian Coin Pouch, Intrecciata

Toscanella 601-VA Leather Billfold with Coin Purse

Toscanella 601-VA

Price: 141,00

Billfold, Intrecciata

Toscanella 2092-CU Leather Messenger Crossbody Bag for Men Made in Italy

Toscanella 2092-CU

Price: 235,00

Men's Messenger Shoulder Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2091-CU Leather Cross Body Bag for Women from Toscanella

Toscanella 2091-CU

Price: 230,00

Crossbody Bag

Toscanella 2090-CU Leather Messenger Crossbody Bag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2090-CU

Price: 209,00

Women's Messenger Crossbody Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2089-CU Leather Shoulder Tote Bag for Men from Toscanella

Toscanella 2089-CU

Price: 227,00

Shoulder Tote Bags

Toscanella 2088-CU Leather Large Shopper Tote Bag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2088-CU

Price: 240,00

Women's Shopper Tote Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2087-CU Leather Small Shopper Tote Bag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2087-CU

Price: 172,00

Women's Shopper Tote Bag in Leather

Toscanella 29-CU Italian Leather Belts for Men in Cuoio

Toscanella 29-CU

Price: 53,00

Italian Leather Belt, cuoio

Toscanella 616-VA Slim Vertical Leather Wallet

Toscanella 616-VA

Price: 175,00

Slim Wallet, Intrecciata

Toscanella 603-VA Italian Key Ring in Intrecciata Leather

Toscanella 603-VA

Price: 72,00

Key Ring, Intrecciata

Toscanella 600-VA Ladies Wallet from Toscanella

Toscanella 600-VA

Price: 202,00

Zip Around Wallet, Intrecciata

Toscanella 599-VA Exclusive Clutch Leather Wallet

Toscanella 599-VA

Price: 185,00

Clutch Wallet, Intrecciata

Toscanella 30-CU Italian Leather Belts Make Great Gifts for Men 

Toscanella 30-CU

Price: 57,00

Cuoio Leather Belts for Men

Toscanella 1534-VA Leather Tote Bag with Attachable Shoulder Strap for Men Made in Florence

Toscanella 1534-VA

Price: 525,00

Men's Work Tote Bag in Leather

Toscanella 1535-VA Leather Messenger Bag Crossbody Adjustable Shoulder Strap for Men Made in Florence

Toscanella 1535-VA

Price: 340,00

Men's Messenger Bag Crossbody in Leather

Toscanella 1540-VA Leather Business Tote Laptop Bag for Men Made in Florence

Toscanella 1540-VA

Price: 385,00

Men's Business Tote Bag in Leather

Toscanella 1542-VA Leather Large Laptop Messenger Bag for Men Made in Florence

Toscanella 1542-VA

Price: 498,00

Men's Laptop Messenger Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2034-VA Italian Leather Shoulder Bag for Women

Toscanella 2034-VA

Price: 220,00

Shoulder Bag, for women

Toscanella 2019-VA Mini Leather Crossbody Bag Made in Italy

Toscanella 2019-VA

Price: 207,00

Mini Crossbody Bag

Toscanella 2050-VA Women's Small Genuine Leather Purse

Toscanella 2050-VA

Price: 277,00

Genuine Leather Purse, small

Toscanella 2013-VA Large Leather Messenger Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 2013-VA

Price: 321,00

Messenger Bag, large

Toscanella 2021-VA Shoulder Bags Made in Italy by Toscanella

Toscanella 2021-VA

Price: 326,00 228,20

Shoulder Bags

Toscanella 2033-VA Italian Leather Duffle Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 2033-VA

Price: 572,00

Leather Duffle Bag, large

Toscanella 2022-VA Ladies Leather Crossbody Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 2022-VA

Price: 194,00

Ladies Crossbody Bag

Toscanella 2023-VA Itailan Designer Leather Purse for Women

Toscanella 2023-VA

Price: 189,00

Designer Leather Purse

Toscanella 2032-VA Leather Boston Travel Duffel Bag for Women Made in Florence

Toscanella 2032-VA

Price: 392,00

Women's Small Travel Bag in Leather

Toscanella 2031-VA Italian Leather Hand Tote for Women

Toscanella 2031-VA

Price: 334,00

Hand Tote

Toscanella 2029-VA Leather Handbags for Women

Toscanella 2029-VA

Price: 242,00

Women's Handbag

Toscanella 2026-VA Italian Leather Shoulder Bag for Women

Toscanella 2026-VA

Price: 334,00

Shoulder Bags, women

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