Toscanella Leather Bags and Accessories


Tuscany Leather Creations for Men & Women

The complete Toscanella Collection of bags, wallets and accessories is handcrafted in Florence Italy by highly skilled leather craftsmen using only quality vegetable tanned Italian leather.  The timeless designs of the Toscanella Classic Collection come in 8 rich colors representing Tuscany and its landscape.

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Toscanella 2012-VA Leather Messenger Bag for Men from Toscanella

Toscanella 2012-VA

Price: 260,00 182,00

Messenger Bag, mens

Toscanella 1515-VA Italian Leather Shoulder Bag

Toscanella 1515-VA

Price: 378,00

Shoulder Bag, adjustable strap

Toscanella 2011-VA Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag

Toscanella 2011-VA

Price: 238,00

Shoulder Bag, for men

Toscanella 1517-VA Italian Leather Messenger Bag for Men

Toscanella 1517-VA

Price: 290,00

Genuine Leather Messenger

Toscanella 1518-VA Italian Leather Man Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 1518-VA

Price: 453,00

Leather Man Bag

Toscanella 1514-VA Men's Slim Italian Leather Laptop Bag

Toscanella 1514-VA

Price: 466,00

Slim Laptop Bag for men

Toscanella 1513-VA Italian Leather Laptop Tote Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 1513-VA

Price: 462,00

Laptop Tote Bag, 2 sections

Toscanella 1510-VA Italian Leather Doctor's Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 1510-VA

Price: 554,00

Doctor's Bag

Toscanella 1509-VA Men's Leather Business Briefcase

Toscanella 1509-VA

Price: 647,00

Business Briefcase

Toscanella 1507-VA Mini Leather Briefcase from Toscanella

Toscanella 1507-VA

Price: 290,00

Mini Briefcase

Toscanella 1519-VA Real Italian Leather Toiletry Bag

Toscanella 1519-VA

Price: 242,00

Real Leather Toiletry Bag

Toscanella 2010-VA Leather and Canvas Tote Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 2010-VA

Price: 250,00

Tote Bag with Canvas Handles

Toscanella 2009-VA Italian Leather Tote Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 2009-VA

Price: 205,00

Designer Tote Bag

Toscanella 2008-VA Canvas Handle All Purpose Tote

Toscanella 2008-VA

Price: 214,00

All Purpose Tote

Toscanella 2006-VA Small Leather Tote Bag from Toscanella

Toscanella 2006-VA

Price: 128,00

Tote Bag, small

Toscanella 1524-VA Men's Italian Leather Messenger Bag

Toscanella 1524-VA

Price: 374,00

Messenger Bag, men's

Toscanella 1522-VA Business Bags inToscanella Leather

Toscanella 1522-VA

Price: 304,00

All Leather Business Bag

Toscanella 1521-VA Genuine Leather File Folder

Toscanella 1521-VA

Price: 290,00 203,00

Leather File Folder, small

Toscanella 2046-VA Designer Italian Leather Shoulder Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 2046-VA

Price: 396,00 277,20

Designer Leather Shoulder Bag

Toscanella 546-VA Women's Leather Purse from Toscanella

Toscanella 546-VA

Price: 116,00

Leather Purse, small

Toscanella 547-VA Leather Cosmetic Case from Toscanella

Toscanella 547-VA

Price: 129,00

Cosmetic Case

Toscanella 1525-VA Men's Italian Leather Tote Bag

Toscanella 1525-VA

Price: 263,00

Tote Bags, hand carried

Toscanella 2045-VA Women's Small Leather Shoulder Bag

Toscanella 2045-VA

Price: 339,00 271,20

Shoulder Bag for Women, small

Toscanella 2044-VA Real Leather Tote Bag from Florence

Toscanella 2044-VA

Price: 365,00

Hobo Styled Tote Bag

Toscanella 2043-VA All Italian Leather Hobo Bag for Women

Toscanella 2043-VA

Price: 299,00 179,40

Leather Hobo Bag

Toscanella 2041-VA Women's Leather Bauleto Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 2041-VA

Price: 334,00

Women's Leather Bauletto

Toscanella 2038-VA Leather Bowling Bag Handbag | Toscanella

Toscanella 2038-VA

Price: 263,00 210,40

Leather Handbags, styled bowling bag

Toscanella 2035-VA Leather Satchel for Women from Toscanella

Toscanella 2035-VA

Price: 273,00 191,10

Stylized Leather Satchel

Toscanella 1527-VA Italian Leather Travel Bag | Toscanella

Toscanella 1527-VA

Price: 537,00

Leather Travel Bag, large

Toscanella 1539-VA Travel Beauty Case in Vachetta Leather

Toscanella 1539-VA

Price: 129,00

Travel Beauty Case in Vachetta Leather

Toscanella 526-VA Leather Coin Pouch, Handmade

Toscanella 526-VA

Price: 40,00

Leather Coin Pouch

Toscanella 514-VA Real Vegetable Tanned Leather Wallets

Toscanella 514-VA

Price: 119,00

Compact with Coin Purse

Toscanella 513-VA Wallet & Coin Purse in Real Leather

Toscanella 513-VA

Price: 136,00

Wallet & Coin Purse

Toscanella 512-VA Compact bi fold wallet

Toscanella 512-VA

Price: 154,00

Compact, Bifold

Toscanella 509-VA Stylized Men's Leather Wallets

Toscanella 509-VA

Price: 123,00

Multi Pocket Wallet

Toscanella 508-VA Vegetable Tanned Leather Credit Card Wallet

Toscanella 508-VA

Price: 167,00

Vertical Card Wallet

Toscanella 507-VA Bi-Fold Clutch in Vegetable Tanned Leather

Toscanella 507-VA

Price: 163,00

Bi-Fold Clutch

Toscanella 627-VA Leather Wallet For Men

Toscanella 627-VA

Price: 145,00

Wallet in Leather With Strap |Vertical

Toscanella 515-VA Great Gift Idea, Leather Wallets

Toscanella 515-VA

Price: 110,00

Vertical Credit Card Wallet

Toscanella 517-VA Italian Leather Wallets for Men, slim

Toscanella 517-VA

Price: 87,00

Wallets, slim

Toscanella 525-VA Leather Coin Wallet from Toscanella

Toscanella 525-VA

Price: 43,00

Leather Coin Wallet, 2 pockets

Toscanella 524-VA Cute Coin Purse in Leather

Toscanella 524-VA

Price: 43,00

Cute Leather Coin Purse

Toscanella 523-VA Slide Card Holder for Men

Toscanella 523-VA

Price: 40,00

Slide Card Holder

Toscanella 519-VA Cute Handmade Coin Wallet from Italy

Toscanella 519-VA

Price: 66,00

Cute Coin Wallet

Toscanella 518-VA Leather Coin Purse  from Toscanella

Toscanella 518-VA

Price: 66,00

Coin Purse

Toscanella 506-VA Practical Trifold Clutch Wallet Made in Italy

Toscanella 506-VA

Price: 172,00

Trifold Clutch Wallet

Toscanella 2160-IN/terra Taupe tote bag in woven leather

Toscanella 2160-IN/terra

Price: 369,00

Taupe tote bag in woven leather

Toscanella 2160-IN/tmoro Brown tote bag in woven leather

Toscanella 2160-IN/tmoro

Price: 369,00

Brown tote bag in woven leather

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