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Exquisite Diamond Cut Heart Pendant


Diamond Cut Heart

Pierotucci CI07-00_05

Price: 430,00
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Pendant: Medium Heart in 18 K gold
This stunning heart shaped Florentine pendant is hand carved in 18 carat gold and is fantastic for just about any occasion. The intricate flower and leaf design is a wonderful reminder of how Florentine art has inspired truly great jewelry design. The delicately brushed finish is then carefully engraved to give a shimmering effect that will be enchanting to all who see it. Even the eye hook has a continuation of the leaf pattern so you can appreciate the expertise that makes this a masterpiece in jewelry design. You can choose from classic yellow or white gold and now we have added rose gold to our collection of which you can be one of the first to own. A little extra copper is added to the pot of melted gold and really enhances every perfect detail of this luxurious heart . This is truly a piece that will be cherished for ever.


Weight 4.2gr.
5% variation in weight
Width 2 cm
Height 3 cm
Depth 0 cm


18k gold

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