Men's Golf Glove for Left Hand in Leather

Leather Golf Glove for Left Hand Made in Italy

Sandro Temin GU06-NA

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Italian leather golf glove in lambskin for men, left hand

Nothing will strengthen your golf game better than a proper fitting Italian leather golf glove. Made of the softest Nappa lambskin, this leather golf glove for men will improve your grip and improve your handicap!

What you will receive, as a result of the skilled work of master craftsmen, professionals in the field, is an attractive and classy leather accessory which will give your look the style and quality that distinguishes Made in Italy high end fashion.

The Sandro Temin company was founded in Naples in 1930 and their production is closely linked to the Italian craftsmanship traditions of leather processing. Thanks to Sandro Temin quality, this artisan product can be found in the most elegant fashion boutiques.

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Please note: This product is ONE GLOVE ONLY


Product Measurements:

L 23 cm
M 21.50 cm
S 20 cm


  • Strap with Velcro


  • Nappa Lambskin

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