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Cameo from Italy

A timeless beauty, an Italian cameo is not only a treasured piece of jewelry but is also considered a delicate form of art. Described by some as miniature relief sculptures, Italian cameos have often been associated with royalty and members of clergy during the Italian Renaissance. At Pierotucci, our selection of hand carved stone and shell cameos are created by masterful artisans from the south of Italy. Indulge yourself in a colorful agate stone cameo, or choose one of our carnelian or sardonyx shell cameos. Relish in the history and beauty of an Italian cameo, all mounted in 18k Italian gold.

Neo Classical Scene Cameo Brooch
1.750,00 €
Renaissance Portrait, cameo brooch
2.350,00 €
Eagle & Ganymede, cameo brooch
949,00 €
Flowers in Vase, hand carved cameo
Flowers in Vase
470,00 €
Woman & Violin, hand carved cameo
Woman & Violin
1.550,00 €
Mythical Phoenix, sardonyx cameo
790,00 €
Victorian Woman Cameo Brooch
Victorian Woman
360,00 €
Cameo of Woman with Earrings
830,00 €
Great Gatsby Style Cameo
339,00 €
Singing Nightingale, cameo brooch & pendant
420,00 €
Woman & Calla Lily, carved sardonyx
317,00 €
Heart Shaped Cameo
273,00 €
Floral Still Life, sardonyx cameo
439,00 €
Neo Classical Woman, pendant & brooch
317,00 €
Victorian Girls, cameo
Victorian Girls
525,00 €
Victorian Women, cameo
Victorian Women
490,00 €
Italian Cameo Carnelian and a Fall Bouquet
348,00 €
Italian Cameo Carnelian with Greek Goddess
330,00 €
Italian Cameo Carnelian Girl with Song Bird
330,00 €
Italian Cameo Carnelian Princess Flowers
290,00 €
Black Agate Cameo, a classical Victorian
339,00 €
Victorian Image in Agate Cameo
Girl with Rose
273,00 €
Blue Agate Cameo Brooch, Victorian style
233,00 €
Cameo Brooch, in blue agate
273,00 €
Italian Cameo in Blue Agate Stone
Girl & Roses
339,00 €
Red Cameo Brooch in Agate
334,00 €