Marco Giusti: When leather processing becomes art

The Ancient Art of Leather processing from in the Florentine hillside

Marco Giusti lives and works among the splendid Chianti vineyards just down the road from Pierotucci Leather Factory. Giusti, a sculptor who, since 1980, has put at the service of his art a symbol of the craftsmanship of this area - leatherthe main material in Tuscany from the second half of the eighteenth century.

Since the more classical materials such as clay or marble used for creating art sculpture do not fit perfectly with his artistic concept, and even for its long and complex processing, leather perfectly represents the artist's craftsmanship at the highest levels.

In fact, the operative process for leather art rewrites the concept of sculpture in which preparatory drawings are used as a guide to create - when referring to the horse sculptures - the internal structure of the work which is made using leather cuttings glued together. This structure must be stable enough to hold a single piece of leather which will then be modeled into the most intricate of details. In the final phase, the leather artwork is painted with oil colors.

These leather artworks require a multi-year processing of natural leather that is done totally by hand without the aid of molds, wood brackets or shapes. Patience and rare dexterity are required to create the beautiful galloping horses of real dimensions and characterized by the extraordinary sense of movement that Giusti succeeds in conferring to his audience.

The Friesian horse, in particular, required about 22 months of work, and thanks to the thickness of only 3 mm of the outer leather covering, this work is absolutely breathtaking. The artist's sensibility to nature's smallest details is especially striking when focusing our gaze on the realization of the animal's anatomy. This leather wall art has a bucolic nature scene in oil on wood panel and a wooden frame covered in leather to beautifully complete a work of extreme visual impact. Giusti has captured this horse in its essence and this sculpture-painting is able to give personality and character to any environment in which it is placed.

No less commitment, patience and dedication is given to the impressive vases, also covered in leather. Equipped with a wooden base and painted with symbols that refer to the history of Florence and the Medici, Giusti's elegant style comes through in his vase art showing his remarkable talents as an artist reminiscent of the ancient art of the leather masters.

Thanks to the smaller dimensions compared to the horses, the art vases are suggestive decorative accessories for the home or office, so elegant and ideal to compliment any type of furniture.

Pierotucci has recently added to the Marco Giusti online shop a Leather Desk Accessories Collection, which includes a vast selection of handcrafted leather desk organization accessories such as pen jars, document holders, and desk pad and protectors.

Among the products available online, in addition to the leather wall art sculptures and leather vases, we have the Necklaces and Bracelets Collection which are considered real works of wearable art.

A rich section is dedicated to the collection of Ties and Bow Ties, characterized by a timeless style. The types you can choose from are various:

  • Crocodile
  • Python
  • Leather
  • Nappa

Marco Giusti has exhibited his works in numerous art galleries in Milan and Florence, among which Palazzo Corsini and the Stazione Leopolda are to mention, and still represents excellence in the field of leather sculpture.