The Art of the "Sellai" Masters between Sicily and Tuscany

La Cuoieria started in Italy in 1981 from an idea developed by the artisan Gianni Raineri and his wife, Pina Romeo. Their passion for leather artwork has flourished over the years with the creations they make that stand out for their originality and excellent artisan technique. The particular uniqueness of their work is in the processing and finishing techniques passed down from the ancient Sicilian "Sellai" - saddle makers. The origins are, in fact, linked to Sicily where Gianni and Pina have cultivated their knowledge of leather artwork by attending the old saddler shops.

The creations at the La Cuoieria are made using traditional hand-sewed stitches called "passi" (steps) such as the Zigzag stitch, the Cross stitch, the Reverse stitch and the Saddler stitch. Each product embodies the long tradition of leather working with its invaluable charm and value. In addition, twenty years of experience is combined with a high quality raw material - the Tuscan cowhide leather called Vacchetta.

The tanning of the cowhide is performed using natural extracts of bark and trunk from mimosa, chestnut and myrobalan plum trees according to the Tuscan tradition that dates back to the 1800s.

Internationally known, the work of Gianni Raineri and Pina Romeo is a guarantee of the highest level of "Made in Italy" leather products. Their commitment is not limited to handing down the tradition of Sicilian master saddlers but it is also a social commitment with the creation of an association that works to knock down the barriers that limit people with physical disabilities (   

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