Damai - Style and Innovation in Florence

Damai began in 2015 in Florence, the city that gave the designers inspiration at a historical and artistic level. The Damai bags are designed to offer the right combination of style and innovation all in a single object and made with a rigorous attention to details.

The customization of the interlocking components, the use of excellent leathers and organic fabrics, or even the creation of some models with materials borrowed from the world of design, represent the distinctive elements of the brand, 100% Made in Florence.

A step forward and at the same time a step back to the Renaissance beauty that has made Florence famous for ingenuity and art - this is the road traveled by the young designers at Damai. Thanks to the skills offered by the Florentine leather goods district along with the inspiration of the city, Mauro Fabbri, company owner, decided to launch this adventure in 2015, founding a brand that has the initials (MA-uro) and those of his partner (DA-phne), plus the "I" of Italy: hence the name Damai.

The Essenza line is the one that most distinguishes the Damai style for its features both in design and functionality. The Essenza bag is, in fact, an accessory with clean lines, made with high quality leather and with visible zippers on the sides and handles. The uniqueness of this product is found in the sober style and simple lines that are combined with the interlocking zipper sides and handles which are customizable in terms of shape and color of the bag.

This bag is the true representation of the Damai brand: sobriety and elegance of a traditional handbag made in iconic shapes and at the same time contemporary since it can taken apart and customized.
As you can see from the images, the bag can be broken down in all its parts and reassembled:

1) with sides of the same shape but in different colors (from monochrome the bag becomes two-tone)

2) with sides in different shapes, thus making it another type of bag (from a shopper it becomes a satchel or a portfoglio and vice versa - while the handles and body of the bag remain unchanged).

Damai chose the name Essenza precisely because, thanks to its total decomposition, it arrives at the essence of the bag and then reassembling it to "give it life" in another form or color.

At the commercial level a pair of additional sides are included with the bag purchase, a dust bag in Damai branded fabric and an "instructions for use" card (also downloadable on the that explains in a few steps how to reassemble the bag to your preference.

The decomposition of the Essenza bag is highly appreciated by customers also for its versatility especially when traveling. Once the Essenza bag is broken down it takes up very little space and can also be packed in small suitcases. Having extra side pieces is also like having two totally different handbags.

With the same basic features described above, the Essenza line is also available in two new versions and some special editions:

The MINI version - younger and appealingly practical

The BACKPACKS - with the internal pouch inserted inside to maintain a totally "clean" shape and a construction that makes the bag more secure.

As shown in the photos, the backpacks are made in embossed leather and in either a rectangular (center photo of black bag) or triangular (left and right photos) model. There are additional color choices for the front side. The two inner compartments are interchangeable by the special interlocking zippers, thus creating a two-colored backpack. In both versions the interior pocket will adhere to the back once the backpack has been worn. The idea is that of a minimalist backpack, ideal for a city guy or gal who's means of transportation is the metro, bike or on foot. The standard size version is recommended for guys and the mini models for gals.