Made to Measure | Private Label

Are you looking for a Made in Italy Private Label Manufacturer?

Pierotucci can be your Italian supplier for Private Label and Custom Projects (Your Own Design Products).

We can make handbags, bags, jackets, wallets, leather cases, key rings, belts, dog harnesses, watch holders and many other accessories for you. We are your Manufacturer for Handmade products. Following the ancient tradition of Florentine Leather Masters, we supply retailers with a large range of genuine leather accessories designed and hand crafted in our Laboratory.

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Your Customers will love your Handmade Products

The elegance of the finishes and the attention to detail of our genuine leather items will be immediately visible on your customer's first purchase. We source premium raw material and select the best cuts of leather to manufacture our bags. We prefer close to home materials and therefore our leathers are tanned and crusted in Tuscany (at Santa Croce sull'Arno), crafted by hands according to the old time local traditions. Beautiful and durable, our leather products have conquered the hearts of customers from all over the world in recent years.

Italian Design

All our products are designed and manufactured by ourselves. In our Leather Factory we have Leather Masters, artisans who specialize in handbags, bags, jackets, wallets, accessories and 2 sample makers. If you have your own designs, please contact us/send your project. We will do our best to make your dream come true.

Private Label

Private labeling gives you the opportunity to purchase products from Pierotucci and sell them under your label. Whether you choose existing products from our catalogue/ecommerce products, Pierotucci can help you create a product collection with your label to your specifications (you can ask for small modifications, for example an extra shoulder strap, longer handles, add an internal pocket with or without zip, etc.

Hot Marking Service: we can mark your Logo on the leather (free of charge).

Make Your Own Design

One of our missions involves turning your dreams and drawings into something solid and tangible. Here at Pierotucci we only need your project, some sketches, to implement any future handbag, bag, jacket, watch holder, etc. Our artisans analyze the feasibility of the prototypes, always providing advice on the materials to be used and the best manufacturing techniques.

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Here below the Prototyping Steps:
1) We receive your project with all details and we study it
2) At your request we can offer you suggestions about materials and design
3) We manufacture the Paper-model following your design
4) You confirm the paper-model
5) We create your Logo metal-mold (for the hot marking service)
6) We manufacture the Prototype (the sample) and we ship it to you
7) You confirm the sample or you can ask for some modifications
8) We enter the so-called “production programming” phase, in which the manufacturing of the collection is planned. 

Why choose Pierotucci Firenze

A) We are real artisans and our products are 100% Handmade.

B) All our materials are Italian and all the processes are 100% Made in Italy (from the concept of your leather handbag design, to the paper-model and sample, to the final production). 

C) We are ready to help you through every step of the way, you can talk with our Production Manager or a Leather Master for suggestions or any adjustments. We’ll tell you all about your design and discuss material choices, hardware, logo craft, delivery times, etc. so that every aspect becomes visible.

D) We can customize any leather goods you want, helping you choose the design, leather type, and discover the latest market trends.