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Marzocco Leather bags

Tucci, a touch of real Italian style

The Tucci collection includes articles in two different high quality leathers: 100% vegetable tanned leather, cowhide leather. The iconic logo marked on Tucci's products is the famous "Marzocco",  the emblem of the Republic of Florence in medieval times. It is a lion holding up a shield on which a lily is engraved, a symbol of the passion and pride that our expert craftsmen put into the creation of these items.

The Tucci collection, as well as the Toscanella line, is made up of 100% Italian leather: cowhide (a very long life material available in black, dark brown and tobacco) or the vacchetta leather tanned with vegetable extracts to obtain real traditional colors: ivory white, black, dark brown, blue night, saffron yellow, olive green, red passion, tobacco. Bags are also created with combinations of different leathers and other materials like cotton canvas or nylon, always keeping the same color to achieve originality with each item.

Articles in Leather and Nylon

One of our best seller collection is made in leather & nylon, using the famous nylon from the renowned Limonta company (in 1893 in Costamasnaga, near Como, this company was founded in the territory which at that time was known for the tradition that characterizes the production of fabrics among the oldest in Italy and in the rest of Europe).

This nylon is very resistant, shiny and soft as silk to the touch. The Tucci handbag line that uses this material features creations in two shades: beige with dark brown leather accents that add to the classic black Limonta nylon line with dark brown leather finishes. The collection consists of shoulder bags, handbags, travel and business bags to meet every need in the daily life of every man, offering a new design combined with an innovative fabric.

What does the Marzocco, the icon of Tucci bags, represent?

When Italy was not yet united under a single Republic, each separate state had an animal as a symbol of its country. The Republic of Florence had a lion holding a shield engraved with a lily on its front paw, a symbol of prominent power. This lion was called Marzocco. It is said that in the 14th century, behind Palazzo Vecchio, there was the seat of the state office of the Republic of Florence. Behind this seat there were 30 lions locked in cages. According to Roman mythology, the origins of the word Marzocco derives from the Latin marticus which means “dedicated to Mars”, the God of War. Dante Alighieri, one of the most illustrious poets of Italian literature, claimed that the city of Florence was formerly dedicated to Mars and it is said that after the flood of 1333 a statue of the God of War was discovered near Ponte Vecchio. The Marzocco was also used as an embellishment of the gates and walls of the city of Florence, but the most famous of the representations is certainly that of Donatello, whose copy can be admired in Piazza della Signoria.

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