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With over 40 years of experience designing and producing fine leather goods, bags, handbags, accessories and jackets, the Pierotucci family has established a reputation of quality products using only the best leathers and craftsmen. The Pierotucci name carries a tradition of excellence, combining the skills of yesteryear with the initiative and innovative creativity of today.



For over thirty-five years Pierotucci has played an important role in the Italian high fashion world. The Pierotucci collection embodies the company mission that has been to refine old world techniques and create pieces that exceed mass-production quality in wallets, belts, gloves and jackets.

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Using the best of the best, this is a collection of handbags, wallets, belts, briefcases, and various leather articles made with vegetable dyed Florentine Vacchetta leather. The idea behind  Toscanella is to combine all the elements of Tuscany and its traditions and fuse them into today's fashion world.

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The first signature product line exclusively designed for men, using rawhide leather, nylons and canvas is a line designed to create a range of products that would accompany the modern man from work, to travel to pleasure.  Tucci's timeless classical designs using the pure feel of genuine leather mixed with the light weight and resistant materials which add a modern touch.

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Campo dei Fiori

A pastel colored floral print on a soft and supple lambskin leather is the principle concept behind Campo dei Fiori. This delicious and totally feminine collection of handbags and accessories consists of over 50 different models and styles in a light weight yet resistant lambskin leather.

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The expert design of the Fortunata leather tote bag offers several distinctive options, such as multiple carrying options, a variety of different colours and an Italian lucky charm. The diversity in color combinations means this bag is not just for women - but for men as well.  Anyone who needs to tote their computer, docs and more will find the perfect companion in this handmade tote bag.

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