Cuoiofficine, Innovation & Tradition Made in Italy

This line of Leather Products called Cuoiofficine is based on a sensational project by Timothy Sabatini. These beautiful items are superbly crafted by the experienced hands of the most highly skilled Italian craftsmen, using the centuries-old tradition of leather processing, but without forgetting the style that distinguishes the famous Made in Italy, both nationally and internationally.


The Birth of the Project: Cuoiofficine explained by Timothy

Leatherwork is born in Florence by the desire and the will to realize something really unique and special of a true and timeless beauty with the aim of communicating the passion and love for the artisan tradition of Tuscany.

The story of this project is told directly by Timothy Sabatini, creator of the project as well as the owner of Cuiofficine.

Ever since I was little, I've always had a weakness for" beautiful" things: stories, objects, things that transmitted fierce emotions within me. After my studies I became what is called a "self made" man. I worked with many of the most important international fashion companies, working on developing projects and realizing the ideas and visions of designers by helping them create unique and exclusive products.

After about fifteen years, I started to think about other options and what I could do with all my years of experience. One day by chance, walking through the streets of the center of my beautiful Florence, I was standing in front of a splendid historical Florentine shop that for generations was selling paper products made with hand-decorated paper using a process called "marbling".

This ancient technique originates from Asia and came to Italy in the 16th century. I was immediately fascinated by it because every hand-decorated sheet can never be "industrialized" and will forever remain a unique piece in which the color intensity and the colors themselves blend together creating beautiful designs.

I made the decision to change my life and put all my efforts into the design of marbled leather, and since that day the idea of Cuoiofficine was born. "Two ancient techniques such as marbling, commonly used to decorate paper, and the craftsmanship of Tuscan leather came together, contributing to the birth of an innovative and unique collection where every" piece "comes from the experienced hand of our craftsmen.

The Best of Excellence and Handicraft Made in Italy: where Tradition meets the Future

After many attempts and thanks to the support of companies and craftsmen who represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the field of fashion, Cuoiofficine, has managed to create a collection of unique objects with incredibly brilliant and lifelike colors ever to have been done industrially to date.

Thanks to the completely handmade marbling technique on leather, every item will remain completely unique, as no two pieces can be identical. The result is a precious handcrafted leather item which is truly yours alone.

The marbling effect is not digitally printed, but a traditional technique exclusively designed for handcrafted leather that allows you to treasure something which is unlike anything else you may own.

The inks are laid by hand inside a tank containing a liquid. Natural "secret" solutions in the blend allows colors to float on the surface without dropping to the bottom. These colors are then mixed by craftsmen. A combing instrument is used to make precise movements "combing" using a "combing movement. Once dry, unique, inimitable and sensational color effects will emerge, typical of this ancient coloring technique.

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