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SANDRO TEMIN - Leather Gloves Artisan Factory

Italian Craftsmanship is renowned all over the world for its quality, beauty and exquisite detailing.

Every Italian region has their own specialized area of leather production. From a centuries old tradition every Italian craftsman would have had an apprentice to learn the art of craftsmanship. In this way it is only the master craftsman and his apprentice who own the secrets to this very special art.

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The specialty of Florence is undoubtedly the production of leather bags and small leather goods, whereas in Naples, their claim to fame is the centuries old method of handmade leather gloves production.

Sandro Temin founded his company in Naples in 1930 and up to today has always created leather gloves with the emphasis on quality and style.
Production methods for the leather gloves are strictly traditional and have not changed for hundreds of years.

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In addition to the high quality of the product, their passion is without doubt the style: purely Italian and timeless but still understands that fashion and innovation need to be contemporary to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Sandro Temin's secret is undoubtedly their productive flexibility. It allows them to constantly create new models which are created by their designers, or personalized and tailored by their clients.

One of the most fundamental parts of the production process lies in the search for the best skins, linings and accessories.

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The result is a product for anyone who is looking for elegance, uniqueness and superb tailoring at a reasonable price.

Thanks to the Made in Italy quality and experienced artisans of the Sandro Temin glove brand, they have secured their place in some of the most elegant boutiques in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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