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The Fortunata Inspiration

The Fortunata Inspiration

Giving Birth to a New Design


The most recent addition to the Pierotucci Collection, the FORTUNATA is a classic tote bag with an innovative Italian twist. What makes this bag so different?  Add a traditional Italian lucky charm, produce it in a numbered series, give it three very different carrying options and you have your answer.

Always something new in the Fortunata Collection Today

The bag was designed to be fun, ecological and extremely adaptable. 

  • FUN:  take your pick is it the distinctive colorful combination of leather, canvas and lining or the unique numbering system or the stylized Italian good luck charm.


    The simple lines of the bag are the perfect setting for a sometimes wild and sometimes classic combination of colors and textures.  Each series is a one of a kind (never to be repeated) mixture giving birth to the idea to number each bag – this way no two will ever be exactly alike! The maximum number of bags in a production are 8, and the bottom corner of each bag will tell you not only exactly how many were made with this exact color combination but it will also indicate which one you have (1 of 8, 2 of 8 etc.) You know what this means?  There is no chance of going out and finding someone else with the same exact bag. 

    This delightful mix of colors, textures and more are our guarantee that there will always be something new in production – so the perfect bag for you is just around the corner!


    The name of the bag comes from the stylized Italian good luck charm that hangs on the right hand side.  A bright red and green corno Italiano is almost guaranteed to make you lucky or as the Italians would say, FORTUNATA.  The “corno” or as it is known in English, the chili pepper or Italian horn, is supposed to ward off evil and assure the owner of the best of luck.

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  • ECOLOGICAL:  the Pierotucci designers took to heart the call to be environmentally responsible and decided their next design would recuperate as much leather from the assembly of Italian leather handbags, wallets and belts as possible.  They scoured the peninsula and bought up leather surplus from major Italian stylists and trend setters, surplus that would normally be thrown out because though still premium quality it is no longer part of the latest fashion trend.  It is exactly these mix matched colors, textures and sizes are the base of the success of this bag.   Each FORTUNATA model is a combination of leather, linings and canvas that were left un-used and forgotten.  Nothing is wasted and nothing is thrown away!

    And just to be extra sure that the leather was being completely used – the Pierotucci design team created the FORTUNATA Patchwork bag.


  • EXTREMELY ADAPTABLE:  this tote bag versatile, folding up and expanding according to the needs of the day.  Use it as a top handle shopping bag, a crossbody tote bag or fold it in half and use it as a clutch handbag.  You decide!  The leather tote bag has an easy to access zipped external pocket, with a convenient leather pull strap.  Inside there is a zipped pocket and useful internal organizing pockets.  Every single bag comes with a color coordinated removable and adjustable canvas strap – which can be used in different ways with this tote bag depending on your style, your load and your needs.