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About Us - The Family Company

Established in 1972, Pierotucci, the name of the artisan who founded the company, began as a small leather workshop in the historical Florence center. Mr. Piero Tucci opened his workshop in Via Toscanella where he designed and manufactured high quality leather goods supplying them to local retailers and where, in the years that followed, established himself on the international market exporting leather goods to Europe, the United States and Asia.

Pierotucci is still operative as a family business, managed entirely by the Tucci family with the technical and commercial direction of Mr. Tucci's two sons: Matteo and Marco.

Over the last thirty years Pierotucci has created over 60 collections, designed by the inventive minds and industrious hands of our Florentine craftsmen. Exclusive products and real masterpieces of Made in Italy craftsmanship, a selection of the bag models have been ever so popular to have brought international recognition and fame to the company, exporting Pierotucci leather products all over the world.

vintage bags from the 70s

Exclusive products, completely handmade, from cutting and stitching to the finishing touches of adding the metal hardware, quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Pierotucci brand aims at being a leader in Italian high fashion and our artisans continue to use the ancient Florentine techniques of leather processing to create authentic, handmade, high quality items that far exceeds mass production. The Pierotucci handcrafted manufacturing still includes bags, jackets, belts, wallets and small leather goods.

Each product is handmade in our laboratory in Florence where expert craftsmen follow the traditional methods for cutting the leather, processing and painting, sewing and finishing the details, constructing every single part of a bag, jacket, belt, wallet, etc. all in a day's work.

vintage bags from the 70s

The leathers we use are of the best quality, selected calfskin, soft Nappa lambskin, embossed and Cuoio leather - all from the famous tanneries located in the Tuscany region near Florence. Refined leather handmade goods are one of the symbols of Florence and Italy, and the exquisite work of our craftsmen represents the excellence of Made in Italy.

The History of the Trademark

The very first trademark, registered in 1972, consisted of a logo of the letters T and P - the initials of Piero Tucci. This logo was most often used in its "negative" or inverted form to be printed on leather products. A modernized version of the original logo was created in the late 1970s and was used throughout the 1980s. In this trademark, the name Pierotucci was added in full - having taken inspiration from the futuristic trend in full 80s style - hence the choice of a robust font tilted to the right. To highlight the brand, the name of the city of Florence was added (this logo was designed in conjunction with the moment of Pierotucci's astounding growth internationally - the reason to connect Pierotucci with Florence).

historic logos of pierotucci leather goods

In the 1990s, a slight restyling was given keeping the same font but softening it from the bold that characterized the 80s version. The original TP logo was brought back - the trademark symbol that was often used as a detail stamped in the metal hardware of the leather bags and accessories. This trademark logo represented the company until 2000.

historic logos of pierotucci leather goods

As we entered the new millennium, the year 2000 brought inspiration to the fourth version of the trademark logo showing an evolution of the brand with the choice of "Times" to give it a more refined font. The word "Firenze" was replaced with "Italian Leather Factory" (advantageous with the use of the English language). In 2005, in conjunction with the consistent development of an e-commerce website, the fifth version was created, keeping the Times font and adding a space between each letter to the final addition of: "Leather Factory since 1972". In 2019, the Tucci family redesigns the coordinated image of the company with a logo that recalls the historic trademark logo of the 70s in an elaboration that reflects the elegant and classic stamp that has always distinguished the Pierotucci brand. The new logo is the union of tradition (the original TP logo) and modernity (reintroducing the version from the 2000s). In 2020, with the release of the newest elite collections, the company chooses a particular logo symbol that encapsulates the TP logo with the name Piero Tucci into a single logo. This is exclusive only to this latest high-end bag collections.

Natural "100% Vegetable" Coloring

The Pierotucci collections have been developed from the tradition of leatherworking dating back to the Etruscan and Roman times using animal hides tanned in a natural way using tannins present in plant extracts. Choosing an accessory with vegetable-tanned leather means owning a unique product, an expression of a philosophy of life which safeguards the environment and our health. Vegetable tanned leather contains no toxic substances, therefore they are not harmful to humans or the environment. Furthermore, they naturally absorb parts of our lives and stand the test of time - in other words - they get better with age.

Pierotucci uses only high quality, top grain leather and hardware. Nappa lambskin, soft and malleable, is excellent for jackets and gloves. Calfskin and buffalo leathers, more resistant, are ideal for the production of bags, belts, wallets, key holders and other small leather accessories. Depending on the processing and tanning, the calfskin leather can have different textures, but it is generally soft, malleable and has a smooth surface. On the other hand, buffalo leather is generally thicker and robust with a rough, wrinkly surface.

The most recent Collections

The Pierotucci leather product lines are enriched year after year with innovative collections evolving from current fashion trends. From the 1980s to today, style and designs have changed, some models make a comeback while other just need a tweak of remodeling - modifying the size and interior space or the softness and purpose of the bag itself.

In January 2020, the Tucci family launched the PT Collection which consists of four new lines inspired by the four elements - Fire, Water, Air, Earth - that led our in-house designer, maestro Marco Giusti, and the Pierotucci artisans to design the Passione Collection (Fire), Preziosa Collection (Water), Libertà Collection (Air) and Natura Collection (Earth). Each collection has its own personality and a particular communicative style.

The creativity of our in-house designer, Mr. Giusti, has exceeded in expertise for the most recent collections, transforming simple pencil sketches into undeniable leather masterpieces of distinctive design. Each bag is inspired by the concept of the four elements they are connected to: "Passion", "Precious", "Freedom", and "Nature".

Passione Collection

A collection associated to the Fire element - passion, warmth, desire. Fire warms you, envelopes you, but it can also burn you. It is a line dedicated to a passionate, independent, self-confident women who knows how to be attractive and uses seduction by being both innocent and cunning. Following this concept, Pierotucci has chosen to dedicate the collection to women who have become famous in history for reasons of love, passion and power intrigues. And for a Florentine brand, what more appropriate choice than that of the Medici women?

The bags in this collection are inspired by the important women of the Florentine Casata de' Medici, the family lineage, and women closely related to this renowned family. Women who made history, who have been able to intelligently handle and manage situations, changes, men and difficult times. Women of great intellect.

handmade leather bags

Preziosa Collection

This collection is linked to the water element. Water is liquid, volatile but also precious, difficult to stop its flow ... like intelligence. It is a line dedicated to women of all ages who are tied to the values of tradition, they love family and are classical in style, but they are modern in thought and fashionable in dress. They are determined women, with acumen. They are decisive and precious, in work and in the family.

The bags in this collection are inspired by women who have become famous in history for their intelligence. Mathematicians, physicists, artists. Women who managed to break down the barrier of indifference, who managed to overcome sexual prejudices and discrimination, making the most of their intellectual abilities.
handmade leather bags

Libertà Collection

This collection is linked to the air element. Air is clear, transparent, necessary for life. In the air and sky we soar, we dream. Flight is freedom, air is freshness, it is what keeps us young and alive. A collection of bags dedicated to young women. Women ready for change, ready for discovery and adventure at any age.

The bags in this collection are inspired by women who have become famous in history for their deeds and their courage. Women who broke the mold of the society in which they lived, women of great courage who managed to change history or give birth to new lifestyles.

handmade leather bags

Natura Collection

This collection is linked to the earth element. Mother Earth is safe, friendly, abundant, and life germinates from it. The earth is our home. A line of bags dedicated to strong women who get straight to the point, decisive, concrete and sensible. Women who's style of dress is versatile choosing both elegant and casual attire.

For the bags in this collection our Florentine artisans were inspired by important plants, which stand out for their particular strength and are able to tolerate the cold and heat.

handmade leather bags

Would you like to see our artisans at work? Come visit us here in Florence - learn more about our guided visits of the factory!